Skin Care Routine Series 2015: Anti-Haze Routine (Part 2)

Welcome Back!!!

For the 2nd part of the series, I will be talking about how to take care of your skin during the Haze season.

If you live in Southeast Asia, you would know that it has been causing a huge issue recently. However,not many people realize that it can cause quite a problem to your skin. I had to learn it the hard way. My skin was just really really horrendous and it was making me very confused girl. My skin was really dry, dull, dehydrated and all types of acne popping everywhere! More than usual! Not only that, my skin was not really absorbing and drinking my products as per usual. Basically all the problems came at the same time and it was not the typically normal kind of problems you usually face. It was much worst… Not funny. At all….); (All female’s nightmare!)

I tried everything for weeks! There would be some or slight improvement but it would come back right again! Then it hit me! This all started happening when the haze started to get really bad in Singapore. I did some research, created a routine and it bought my skin back to normal! Never would I think the day where I would want my skin to back to what it was. It started to absorb and drink the products as per usual again. My skin problems started to decrease and got better! The feeling of accomplishment it’s so good! It makes me and my skin happy!! 😀  I wanted to share it with you as there are some of you are having some skin problems due to the haze. Hopefully this routine can be of help to some of you!

For those who did not have any of these problems, some of these products are also good in unclogging your pores and preventing acne. This routine is also good for those who have combination or oily skin. It defer with different people. So what works for me may not work for you. If you want a full review on a certain product, you can leave a comment here or on my Instagram account. As I only do a short review and a brief introduction of the products.

  • What does Haze does to you skin?
  • Routine for Morning
  • Routine for Night
    • Short review on product
    • How I use it

What does Haze does to your skin?

  • Irritates your skin
  • Clog pores
  • Increase skin dryness
  • Expose your skin to higher UV radiation
  • Increase production of free radicals in the skin
  • Prolonged exposure damages cells
  • Takes away the oxygen supply in the skin
  • Speed up premature aging and wrinkle formation
  • Decrease of skin barrier function
  • Increase or trigger skin inflammation


If you want to know the reason behind those pointers that I said earlier. I have pick some articles that you can read to know about the haze!

5 Tips to protect your skin from the haze

How the haze affects your senses

How smog affects your skin


Routine for Morning

The routine would be slightly different.  I would just write down the steps and the products that I would use. Most of the products seen here would have been reviewed or explained before or in this post.

Step 1: Gentle and Light Cleanser
  • Paula’s Choice Optimal Hydrating Cleanser
  • Belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist
Step 2: Toner
  • Pixi Glow Tonic
  • Tony Moly Goat Milk Moisture Toner
  • Paula’s Choice Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner
Step 3: Essence
  • Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence
Step 4: Vitamin C
  • Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder
Step 5: Oils
  • Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil
Step 6: Eye
  • The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate
  • First Aid Beauty Eye Duty triple Remedy
Step 7: Moisturizer
  • Belif Creamy Moisturizer Deep Moist
Step 8: Green Tea spray (DIY)
Step 9: Sunblock
  • Dermocare Facial Sun Protective Light Fluid SPF50

Routine for Night

I would use this routine at night after my skin has been exposed to all the haze throughout the day. I would not be putting in my makeup remover products in here as I would use the same makeup remover as I did in the part 1 of this series. If you would like to see the products that I have used, click the link here Skin Care Routine Series: Basic and Rules (Part 1) or simply go to my previous post. (:

Step 1: Tony Moly Glue Foam Cleanser

Tony Moly Glue Foam Cleanser

This foamy cleanser is from the new line that Tony Moly just came out called Dust and the City. To be frank, I did not have any expectation with this product at first.  I could not find the English ingredient list online so I could not check for Comedogenic ingredients and things like that. (Even the actual product ingredient list was in Korean) I bought this product as the line was about absorbing impurities(From pollution) and dusts which was what I was looking for. The pH of this cleanser is 7-5 which is like the max that I can use. If not, I would have to give a brand new product away.

After washing, it leaves my skin slightly drying and tight. It did not overly stripping my skin of all of its natural moisture. There was no immediate obvious change after washing. It was only after using a few times, that’s when you realize the cleanser really does absorb the impurities.

How I use it: I would lather first the product than massage it onto my face. If I am using Clarisonic, instead of putting the product on the brush; I would Clarisonic my face after massage the cleanser into my skin. This would prevent the cleanser from getting too messy or into your eyes/mouth.

Step 2: Face Scrub

SImple Smoothing Facial Scrub

I put this step in this routine is for those of you who do not use Clarisonic or a cleaning device. I stop using face scrub after starting to use Clarisonic. There are a lot of debates on whether the device exfoliate the face. To me, it is exfoliating my face as the brush causes friction on my skin which is like a scrub.

I would recommend a gentle scrub just as Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Scrub. It is very gentle and does not irritate the skin too much. You can use it daily if you need it but I wouldn’t recommend as you might be over exfoliating your skin without knowing. If you have a lot of dead skin or cannot leave without scrubbing your face, do it on alternate days.

How I would use it: Squeeze out a Singapore 5 cent coin size scrub, scrub your face and neck in an upward circler motion.

Step 3: Tony Moly Claynetic Pack

Tony Moly Claynetic Pack

This is the MOST FUN, INTERESTING and UNIQUE mask that I have ever tried!  I will totally be doing a review on this product after this series. (I cannot wait to talk to you about this product! So excited!! Lydia, you need to calm down. (Breath in and out) Let’s continue!)

I bought this product as they were having promotion package together with the Glue Foam Cleanser and I wanted to try a new detoxing/clarifying/pore-cleansing mask. (Different people have different way of saying it so I just type all the different words down to prevent misunderstanding. Yes I know I am overthinking but who cares right? Hahaha!! ) I was getting bored with my favourite clay mask, which is the Innisfree volcano clay mask. It is 1 of my holy grail but you know how it is- Holy grails can be dependable and makes your skin happy; but you get bored with it after sometime. Oh boy does this not make you bored one bit! The mask is like a hyper crazy little kid who ate tons of sweets and start jumping all over your face! I shall not say soo much about this and spill it all to you. You will find out when I do the review! (Muahahah!!! Or simple try it out for yourself!)

The main purpose of the clay mask is to absorb the micro dust and impurities from your pores like a magnet while supplying oxygen into your skin at the same time! Woah… That is a quite a claim right there but it really does that! It may sound a simple claim but for me; a mask that can give oxygen and absorb dirt is really hard to get. Many masks claim that but does not deliver at all! Only do one or the other. Then I get really sad and disappointment. You would not see the result for the first few times. After using it regularly a few times, you will than see the result.

How I use it: I scoop out about Singapore (Old) 50 cent size mask. Apply it to my T zone (Forehead, nose area and chin) and then my checks. I do not actually, check and time myself. Since different people put different amount onto their face and everybody has different face. Once the mask is dry, I would just wash it with my hands.

Warning! Do not put too much! It bubbles a lot!! So the more you put, the more bubbles there are on your face. It is a…. Let’s put it as a really unique feeling (Cannot really give a word for this sensation) that you would be overwhelmed by it. Trust me and not put too much!  It is not good for your heart! There will be a moment where you feel like the mask is dripping down your face but it is not. It is just the bubbles popping.

Step 4: Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic

I have talked about this in my previous routine. The reason that I put this into the routine as this acid toner helps to gently chemically exfoliate my skin and clean my skin much more. If you do not have acid toner, you can just use a normal toner.

How I use it: Put it on a cotton pad and swipe it over your face in an upward motion.


Step 5: Green Tea Mask (DIY)

Sorry I do not have a picture for this step. I just use my last piece finish and did not have time to make new batch. I will make a blog post on how to make this green tea mask later in the future. (If you want it after this series, let me know in the comment box!) This is one of my favourite DIY masks. My skin really loves this stuff! It is cheap and `bad’ chemical free. However, like all DIYs, it is time-consuming and the shelf life is not that long. ):

You can just soak a plain new mask in just green tea and that is good also! If you do not want or have no time for a DIY mask, just use any anti-oxidant mask. The main purpose of this step is reducing the aging of your skin, inflammation and free radicals on your skin.

How I use it: Take it out of the container, gently squeeze the solution a bit from the mask and place on the face.

Step 6: Tony Moly Goat Milk Moisture Essence

Tony Moly Moisture Essence

This is one of the rare few products that their main ingredients have a higher percentage than water. At first, you would think it is a light weighted serum when you pump it out into your hand but once you apply onto your skin it feels exactly like an essence. There are white stuffs inside the product. Those are the goat milk extract. Once you apply it to your skin, it just dissolves and disappears. You would not need to worry having white spots on your face or whether this product has fungus inside it. It is moisturizing and absorbs quickly into your skin.

How I use it: I would use 2 -3 pump for both face and neck and tap it until it is semi-absorb into the skin.

Step 7: Paula’s Choice Intensive Wrinkle – Repair Retinol Serum

Paula's Choice Resist Retinol Serum

This is my 1st chemical retinol product. I usually use oils that have natural retinol inside like rosehip oil. I have to say that surprisingly it did not cause my sensitive skin to have any bad reaction. It might be due to my skin not being surprised as it usually has dosage of retinol but just in a different form.

The main purpose of this step is to repair sun damage and builds skin-firming collagen. This is to increase your skin barrier function, decrease pre-mature aging and wrinkles. If you have not put any sort of vitamin A into your skin care routine` better do it now! You will thank yourself in the future!

How I use: Apply 2-3 pumps onto your face (Include eye area) and neck. Tap into the skin for a few seconds

Step 8: Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder

Please do not mind the crack cap. I accidentally drop it and it chip off. Thank God the glass bottle did not break cause it was quite new than!

Philosophy Turbo Booster Powder

This is a good product to have when you want to increase the level of your routine or you simply like to make cocktails with your products. (Like me)

The main purpose of this step is to simply brighten and add nutrients to the skin.

How I use it: I would pour/scoop a bean size of vitamin C unto my palm and add oil or moisturizer.Mix it well until it is fully dissolve. Apply and tap it into the skin.

Step 9:  Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil


I am an oil person. Meaning I like to use oils in my routine. I do not use oils just because my skin is dry. That is one of the reasons but there are many other reasons why I would use them. If I say it all, it would be too long! So the main thing is that, oils are like a multi-purpose product. It helps you do a lot of things and you can do a lot of things to it.

Many people have this misconception that people who have oily / acne-prone skin type cannot use oils. That is just nonsense. You just need to find the right type of oils for you. Also, not all type of oils suit dry skin. Some oils do not suit dry skin people at all too. Generally, oils suit everyone. It just depends on what type of oil suits you.

The main purpose is to add anti-oxidants, prevent aging, stop/ prevent acne and all the benefits of green tea that I used in step 5.


Step 10: The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate

The Body Shop Eye Concentrate

The main purpose of this product is to hydrate and firm up my eye area. I put this step in is not just because of the haze. In general, I tend to rub my eyes and sleep late. This causes dehydration and lines in my eye area. I like to use this to massage and improve my blood circulation in my eye area.

How I use it: Put inside the fridge for a few minutes and roll the product at my eye area in a circulation motion. Gently use the ring finger to tap the product into the skin.

Step 11: Renew Antioxidant Moisturizing Cream

Renew Antioxidant Moisturizing Cream

By now, you would realize the trend in this routine. Yes, it is anti-oxidant again! Like the front few anti-oxidant product; it is to reduce sun damage, absorb free radicals, prevents aging and so on. If you want more detail and underlying information about anti-oxidant, you could always just Google it!



Last Words

Thank you for reading my blog post! By the time this blog post is up, I would be in Bangkok!!! Giving myself some needed rest before my full work quota starts! NOooooo!!! Do not want to think about that. If you have any request or questions, you could leave a comment here or at my Instagram account. I would try to fulfill them! Oh ya! Do you all want a travel skin care essential or travel fashion or something like that? Let me know! See you all next Thursday! (I am trying to upload every Thursday. So if I do not upload on time, please pardon me! 😛 )

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