Skin Care Routine Series 2015: Masks (Part 5)

Welcome to the (Finally!) last post of the series! For now! Haha!! I am always trying to grow and improve my skin care routines. I am like never satisfied with them. Hopefully there is a day that I will be satisfied with it. As I am quite particular and picky on my skin care.

Anyway, this post will be about the different masks I would use for the different type of routines. Also to inform you the purpose and reason on when I would use these masks. Together with a short review on each on them as per usual! Read on for more! GO GO GO GO!!!!

I am someone who is always changing masks. I get bored with them quickly and will move on. However, I would once in a while go back to the rare few masks that my skin has a love relationship with. Other than those few, I would be always changing like almost every skin care product. Hahaha!! 😀

  • Cleansing: Clarisonic
  • Masks
    • Short Review
    • When I would use it
    • Which routine to use it in
    • How I use it

Cleansing: Clarisonic

I would always use Clarisonic before using any sort of mask. I realize that when I use this before my mask, the mask’s effects are much better than using it without Clarisonic. No matter what kind of mask is it.  Here are some benefits that allows the mask to penetrate into the skin much better.

Benefits of Clarisonic that increase the mask’s effects:

  • Remove the dead skin cells
  • Clean the pores much better and deeper
  • Increase the skin’s absorption rate



Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (pH 6)


This was the 1st clay mask that I tried that actually suits my skin type. I have tried a lot of clay mask before and they were all drying out my skin. This however, did not do that for me. It surprisingly manage to only suck out the necessary sebum. I have dry skin and somehow it stills manage to leave my skin moisturized. Also, this is the most amazing part. It brightens up and smooth out my skin! I do not know why and how but it does! It’s insane!

However, it does not completely clear away the blackheads. It does help to clear away the really small and less stubborn blackheads by itself. When you use it with the nose shine boy and after quite a sometime; it does clear away the blackheads. (But not the stubborn ones)

This is 1 of my Holy Grail products! Would totally recommend this!

NOTE: If you have oily skin, you could try the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask instead. It would be much suited for you.

When I would use it:
  • When a breakout is coming
  • Breakout
  • Clogged pores
  • Speed up the acne healing process
  • Blackheads starts to appear
Which routine to use in:
  • Anti-acne routine
How I use it:

Use a spatula to scoop out a coin size product and use a brush to apply it evenly across my face. I would put extra product on the areas that are prone to acne or currently have acne on them.


Tony Moly Claynetic Pack (Unable to test the pH due to the mask texture)

Tony Moly Claynetic Pack

This the latest mask that I have bought recently. It is a bubble clay mask. If you have read my anti-haze blog post, you would know how I went slightly hyper talking about this. Not that I have calm down and used it a few more times, here is what I think.

This is the kind of mask that you would not see any visible results when you use it for the 1st few times. You will only see the slowly gradual difference in your skin. I could not really see the visual difference until I use it about 4 to 5 times. It is very little difference that until you look really carefully then you could see it. I only manage to see the difference when my acne breakout (cause by the haze) starts to look better and my skin somehow looks much clearer and healthier. Might be due to the carbonated bubble that supplies oxygen to your skin.

It was a very weird sensation. You know the feeling where you do your daily hair or make up and it somehow looks different. Like you look much more beautiful even when you do the same thing every day. This mask is exactly that! For hair and makeup, you would call it a good hair or makeup day. For this, I call it my good skin day mask. Hahaha!!

However, this mask works best when it is during the haze period. It does not really do much when there is no haze.

I would recommend it for those who start to have acne breakouts due to the haze. Other than that, I would not recommend it. It is not worth the money.

When I would use it:
  • During the Haze period
Which routine to use it:
  • Anti-Haze Routine
How I use it:

Use a spatula to scoop about a coin size and use your fingers to apply it onto your face. Apply it quickly as once it touches your skin, it will start to bubble. Once you finish applying to one area, do not touch it again and continue applying on the other areas of your face. Once the bubbles finish popping, it will start to dry. After it dries, you can just wash it off.


Innisfree Red Ginseng Mask (pH 6.5)


I bought this mask on the spur of the moment and I regret it. It just moisturize my skin. The end. End of story. This is why I do not like this mask and felt it is not worth the money spent on it. Plus, it does not moisturize my skin that much. My moisturizer does a better job than this mask. That’s how bad it is. I am just currently trying to use this product finish.

I am someone who like to combine masks. Meaning I would use a clay mask first than other type of mask than put my skin care regime. As I realize that my skin gains better effect from it. Specially when your pores is nice and clean after the clay mask. However, when I use this mask after the Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, it decreases the effect that the clay mask gave. At first, I thought it was my imagination but it was not. I was irritated at this product. I did not spend money on a product that only (sort of) moisturize but also decrease the effects of the previous mask. You are supposed to help and improve my skin condition. Plus, the texture of the ask is really bad. It is very sticky and thick. It is quite hard to scoop it out of the tub. When you apply it and if you put too much; it starts to drip and get things very messy. You could not use it overnight even though it is directed that way. Would not recommend to anybody!

When I would use it:
  • When I got extra time in the afternoon
  • When my other moisturizing mask has finish
Which routine to use in:
  • Basic routine
How I use it:

Use a spatula to scoop out about a coin size and use a brush to spread an even layer onto my face. After 20 minutes, take tissue/cloth to wipe the mask off than wash the reminding mask off. (I use the tissue/cloth first as the mask is quite hard to remove due to the texture)


The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask (pH 6)


I got this mask at one of those Body Shop mega sales fairs. I have not tried Body Shop’s mask before and every time I step into the shop. My eye would always look at this mask. I always wanted to try a mask from them. I have heard good reviews from the Vitamin E line. So I wanted to give it a go.

However, I was disappointed. Once I apply it onto my face, I started to have a burning sensation on my face. It was not so bad and it was durable to me. After a few minutes, the sensation stop. The texture was still sticky even after sometime. I tried to remove the excess but it felt a bit gross to sleep with it or apply my skin care routine on it. When I apply my skin care routine on it, I felt that my skin was not able to absorb the products. I felt washing it off before sleeping and applying my skin care regime after was much better. Unless, you are applying this mask in the morning or afternoon and will be staying at home.

It has a jelly gel texture. After washing the mask off, my skin felt slightly hydrated and soft. That was it. I was expecting more from the product. Not worth the money. Would not recommend to people who have dry and sensitive skin. It might work for people with oily skin.

When I would use it:
  • Dehydrated or bumpy skin
Which routine to use it:
  • Moisturizing Routine

How I use it:

Use a spatula to scoop out about a coin size and use a brush to apply it onto your skin evenly. After roughly about 20 minutes, I would wash it off and apply my skin care regime.


Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX (pH 6.5)

This is the old packaging. They just change the packaging.


I LOVE THIS MASK!!!! This is my 1st ever overnight/sleeping mask. Ever since I tried this product, my hands has been naturally reaching for this product. My natural instinct craves for this product. I might be overreacting or over praising this product as I do not know the expectation/standard. (I am not going to even consider or count the sort of “overnight” masks that cannot even use it overnight. Argh…) However, if my skin is currently loving it and it is making my skin really hydrated and pump. I see why not. I have simplified the pros and cons by putting it into a table form for you.

Hydrated Skin Product will stick to the pillow if you do not allow the product to sink in first.
Pump Skin Takes some time for the skin to absorb the product.
Glowy/Brighten Skin Slightly sticky in texture on the face even after some product has been absorb.
Look like you had amber of sleep but only had 3 hours
Cools down your skin/ Decrease the skin temperature

This is perfect for people who are lazy with their skin care regime or prefer to keep their regime nice and short or are new to skin care. I have been recommending this to many of my friends and they all love it! Would totally recommend it!

SAVING TIP: Buy it from Duty Free as they are selling a special package that has 2 of this inside, only at the airport. The price for 1 pot is much cheaper compare to outside. I am not sure about other countries but Singapore has it. For both departure and arrival. If you are debating whether 2 pot is a bit too much, it’s not. You would go through it faster than you think you would. As that what happen to me.

When I would use it:
  • Dehydrated Skin
  • Dull Skin
  • Reacting badly to the acids
  • Lack of sleep
  • And actually any skin problems I have (That’s how much my skin craves for it)
Which routine to use in:
  • All of the routines in this series
How I use it:

Use the given spatula scoop about slightly lesser than a coin size. Apply a nice thick layer over the face. Let the skin absorb a bit of it before going to sleep.


Last Words

Thank you for reading the last (I think) part of my 1st ever series!!!! HORRAY! I deserve a good chocolate fudge cake and tea as a celebration!!! But I think that is just an excuse! Haha!! 😛 Hope you find this post helpful!

Next week, I will be doing a review post but I shall not inform you what the topic is! It is a secret. For me to know and you to find out! Muahahah!! See you next week!! Bye! Muacks!



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