2015 Christmas Series: Dewy Glitter Burgundy Makeup

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PS: Please do not mind my pimples. I am currently having my monthly mini breakout on my face.

I always love burgundy color and would always try to add it into my outfit. However, with your outfit being green or red inspired by Christmas, I decided to put some burgundy color through my makeup.

This is my first time doing a blog post on makeup. It is not perfect or very well explained. I am also not a makeup artist or any of that sort. However, I did try my very best to explain it to you in the most simplest way. If you want to know how I recreate this look, read on for more.

I am actually quite scared and worried about this post. Makeup can be quite subjective as it depends on whether you like it or not. Plus, this is my very first time trying to create a look and putting it into a post. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Apply Primer all over the face



Step 2: Apply a peachy/pink toned base on areas that you want to highlight

This is actually my secret weapon! It naturally brightens and highlights your face. Even when you did not sleep the night before, this makes your face look so awake as it you slept for 8 hours or more!



Example: T-zone and cheek bone area

TIP: Apply it on your under eye area to cover your dark circles. I have really bad under eye circle and this helps a lot!

Step 3: Mix 2-3 drops of oil to the foundation and apply it onto your face with a brush

This is to give a more dewy effect and this is perfect for those who are having winter season now. Unlike Singapore. All we have is rain, rain and rain. ): Not that I do not like Singapore, it is the weather that I do not like. I really wish I could have a white Christmas that it is even in my bucket list!





Step 4: Use the non-coated side of a disposable sponge and tap it around the face.

This is to take out the access foundation and pat the foundation “into the skin”. This also helps the foundation to last longer on your skin.

Step 5: Apply eye primer on the lid and on the under eye


This product really helps me my under eye concealer last longer! Sometimes I would just use this by itself as it conceal my under eye circle well. The only thing is that this can be quite drying.

Step 6: Apply lip balm to prep and moisturize your lips for lip makeup later


I have REALLY sensitive and extreme dry lips. Almost every lip product I have would make my react to it. This is 1 of the few lip products that does not make my react and moisturize my lips. I love this a lot!!!

Step 7: Use a burgundy gel eye liner all over the lid



This is to make the color pop and stay longer on your face.

Step 8: Apply this reddish pink over the lid to cover gel liner that you previous apply.

I am using the Sephora makeup box that came out for Christmas last year. I figured this would be the right season to use this!



Eye Shadow Color: I use the 2nd row from the bottom and the 2nd column from the right.



Step 9: Blend it out until you like the look


Step 10: Apply a line of dark purple glitter near the lash line


Eye Shadow Color: I use the 2nd row from the bottom and 1st column from the right.

Step 11: Apply a thin layer of eye liner and apply mascara

Stila Liquid Black Eye Liner


Clinique Waterproof Mascara

(Cannot remember what is the actual model name for it. The words on the tube came out so I could not check.)


Step 12: Use eye brow pencil to fill in the brows and use a brow gel to tame the brows

Innisfree Eyebrow Pencil

As you can tell now that my makeup products have the tendency to lost the words printed on the package.

This is on its last legs. Need to get a new one soon!


Benefit Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel

(I forgot to take this picture of the product! Sorry about it!)

Step 13: Apply concealer on your under eye area and any where you need it.



Step 14: Apply a gold (more on the orange side) color on your inner eye area

Eye Shadow Color: 2nd Row from the bottom and the 3rd column from the right

Step 15: Apply bronzer to contour your face


For the brush, I use what is was given inside the box.

Step 16: Apply highlighter on your T-zone and cheek bone area



Step 17: Use a light hand and apply blusher onto the cheeks

Mac Mineralize Baked Blush in Daft Pink



Step 18: Apply 1 thin layer of coral lip tint over the lip and use your fingers to blend it out

I want to use a coral lip tint as if I use red it would be too old fashion to have the same color through out your face and I want to balance it out. I do not really suit pink so that it is out for me.

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master

(I forgot to take picture of this too. Sorry about it! There are too many products to take picture!)

Step 19: Use the same lip tint and only apply it in the inner part of your lip to create a gradient effect

Processed with VSCO

That is all! Hope it is easy to understand and follow. Like what I have said earlier, I am not an expert or professional in makeup. I am someone who have problems putting eye makeup due to my eye shape. I just want to share on how I put on eye makeup without being so complicated but still looks good. If you want any reviews on any of these products that I have mention above, let me know!

Thank you for reading! Not sure whether will I do another makeup post but I hope you like it and help you! See you next week!! Muacks!



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