2015 Beauty Favorites: Skin Care

Hey Girlfriends~

Sorry I have been MIA for the past 2 weeks. I was having some technical problems and was unable to upload! ): But do not fret! I will be uploading a few more post this week!

A little sneaky peak into my life: Currently, I am preparing for Chinese New Year (CNY) that is happening in about 2 weeks time!! Can you imagine how time flies?!This is one of the reasons why I love the beginning and the ending of the year. There are so many activities, events and festival happening! Super excited!! But the part of finding new clothes and planning the outfit can be quite stressful as you are pressured for time. Plus, the CNY goodies and food! The amount of calories and weight keep increasing and increasing! This is why I am on a diet now. I call this the Chinese New Year diet where I burn calories before CNY so I can eat more on Chinese New Year days! Girls gotta do what girls gotta do to love her food and maintain her figure right?! Hahaha!! 😀

Notice:I will be adding “little sneaky peaks of my life ” section in my blog posts. I have told you that I am going to add lifestyle into the blog mix this year and this is going to be 1 of it! What do you think of this new section? Let me know down in the comment box down below!


Like almost everybody out there in the blog or vlog world, I am doing a summary of my 2015 Beauty Favorites! I know it is cliché but I myself LOVE reading and watching about this! Come on! Who does not love knowing about what others ultimate favorites from their huge collections?! You can get good recommendations and reviews on products that might become your Holy Grail! Thus, I cannot help myself from doing one and here we are!

I have split my 2015 Beauty Favorites into 2 separate parts. Like what the titles says, this would be the skin care. The next post would be about the other stuff like makeup, body, nails and so on so forth.

If you want to know my 2015 Beauty Skin Care Favorites, read on for more!

Almost all of the products I did not love throughout the year. Like literally from January to December. Oh how I wish that I can find them in January so I can use them throughout the entire year! Than my skin would be in such a good healthy state! What a dream~

Anyway~, most of my favorites products here are what I have love in the different parts of the year. Be it in the beginning part of the year, ending or simply throughout the year! Some of the products I have stop using it due to the fact of me getting bored with my products fast.

I have the bad habit of always trying new products. Even though I have found a product that suits my skin care needs, I still buy new products. Not only that, I have a policy of finishing my products first before I can buy a new product. Trust me but it is SUPER HARD for me to uphold this policy. I still have no idea how I can still maintain this policy for years now.

Back to the topic! I do not have a product for every single category out there. It is simply I did really like any of the products I have tried this year or do not use them.

Anyway, we better get started before I keep on rumbling further and bore you out!

BIODERMA Make-up removing michelle solution Sensitive Skin

Bioderm Makeup Remover

I think you all know this product by now and why it is so hype up. It is just so good!

  • Light weight
  • Gentle to your skin
  • Does not burn your eyes
  • Remove make-up nicely
  • Leave no residue behind
  • Does not dry out your skin as much as regular make-up remover



I like this product ever since I had my Clarisonic (Which is like about 2-3 years ago). I got bored of it (As per usual) and tired other products. Even after trying other products, I felt this was better. I would totally buy this again until I can find a better or similar but cheaper cleanser. (After I finish my current cleansers too as I have too many cleansers now ): )

Side note: Anti-oxidant is useless in this cleanser. So if you are buying this just because of the anti-oxidant, do not get it. Just get a serum, oils or moisturizer that has anti-oxidant in it.

  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Retains skin moisture even after washing
  • Removes sunblock thoroughly without needing to use make-up remover before hand
  • Perfect with Clarisonic as it does not form too much
  • Does not have a high pH level
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Does not need a huge amount of product for per wash
  • Does not break me out



Side Note: There is no product inside

You have no idea how many bottles I have gone through! I have been using this as a balancing toner for the past few years. I used to use this with a few drops of tea tree oil in it. Right now I mix it with other ingredients to create my own toner or facial spray.

  • Balance skin pH level
  • Harms down redness or irritation
  • Takes away some dead skin
  • All the other benefits of Witch Hazel and Rose Water (Too many to list it all down)



I use this EVERWHERE!! I use this for my hair, face and body. I like this brand as it is organic, raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized! It is hard to find a brand that sells that. The smell is one thing but you will get used to it after some time. I like to use this and mix some other stuff to use as a toner. Love this!!

  • Brings down the pH level of your skin
  • Prepare your skin for chemical exfoliator
  • Lighten scars (It is not obvious and it takes a while but it works)
  • Gets rid of the dirt and gunk in your scalp
  • All the other benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar




This product is not new to the blog and I have said one too many times but it is a really good product that has changed my skin condition. Even though this is the only brand that I have tried for a BHA product, it is a skin changing product for me. I did not use any chemical exfoliator product until 2015. I did not let myself use until the age of 21. I will totally buy it again until I can find a better or similar but cheaper product.

  • Does not break me out
  • Does not cause my skin to react badly
  • Unclogged my pores really well
  • Evens out my skin tone
  • All the other benefits of a BHA liquid


Paulas Choice Resist AHA

It is the same for this product. It is a really good product that has changed my skin condition over the course of this year. Even though this is the only brand that I have tried for AHA product, it is a skin changing product for me. If I have to choose between BHA and AHA, I would take AHA instead. I felt it was better suited for my skin as AHA is catered towards dry skin than BHA. Just a side note preference! (:

  • Does not break me out
  • Does not clog up my pores
  • Skin does not react badly towards it
  • Makes my skin really smoother
  • All the other benefits of AHA


Paula's Choice Resist Retinol Serum

Like the past 2 products that I have mention before this product, this is the only brand I have tried for retinol serum. The past few years I have been using Rose Hip Oil for my dosage of Vitamin A. Due to the fact that I did not let myself to use any serums or stronger Vitamin A or chemical exfoliator before I turn 21.

  • Plumps up my skin
  • Reduce/Fade my smile lines (Yes I have smile lines already. Due to my face shape ); )
  • Speed up the acne recovery process
  • All the other benefits of Retinol (Vitamin A)


Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I have mixed feelings with this product. I see the ingredient list and the price of the product. I felt that the product was not worth the money as the ingredients are nothing fantastic or amazing. The oils used are those “cheaper” types of oils. I did not like that as I am someone who is picky on her oils. I have told my friends before that this product is not worth the money. However, I have changed my mind and thoughts on this product.

For quite a few months, I have my doubts and uncertain about the formula. I can now be very sure that despite the ingredient list not being very “fantastic”, the formula of this product is AMAZING! It penetrates into your skin easily and your skin just drinks it right up! I can simply wash my face, put toner and this to sleep. Next day, my skin looks moisturized and restored; especially on the late night days where my skin lacks “life”. I will totally buy this again despite the price until I can find a better or similar but cheaper product!

  • Restores your skin really well!
  • Moisturize really nicely
  • Slightly plumps up the skin
  • Give your skin a radiant healthy glow in the morning
  • Lightweight
  • Does not break me out
  • Absorb and penetrate into your skin really quickly



It is not this particular brand that I love but the Tea Tree Oil! After I start using this oil (About 2-3 years ago) my acne breakouts were lesser and the acne was smaller in size too! I did not realize it at all until this year when I saw my past photos. It is really AMAZING on how this little oil slowly but surely improve my skin. I also use this as a pimple treatment sometimes and it works! (Even though it stings) This is my lovely little secret gem! If you have not start using tea tree oil daily, start using it now!

  • Reduce the number of acnes on my face
  • Increase the shelf life on DIY products
  • Able to use it in any DIY products
  • Natural pimple treatment
  • Prevent acne really well
  • All the other benefits of Tea Tree Oil



This is only eye product that I felt it actually works! It really lightens up the dark circle and plumps up the fine lines! That does not happen often with eye treatment products. The only bad thing about this is that it oxides really fast. It oxides before you can finish the product. It is a 15ml tube. It is a lot of product to use finish. Plus, you only need a pea size amount! Thus, you would have to throw way or use it on your body before you finish even half of the tube.

Not only that, the product is not exactly cheap enough to be thrown away after using only less than half a bottle. I only buy this maximum once every year. I will buy this again unless I find another product that works and does not oxides so fast.

  • Lightens the dark circle
  • Plumps up the fine lines


Guerisson 9-Complex Horse Oil

As you all know (Have not known yet), I am in love with oil/moisturizer?! To me, it is a oil and a moisturizer due to the texture. I will be doing a full blog post review on this product this week! It is such an amazing product that I know why it is so hype up and Koreans are in love with this product! Also, I like the fact that it comes with a small spatula. I wish all brand would do that for their products…Especially Western brands. Whenever I use this, I do not use an oil unless my skin needs it. I will totally buy this again until I can find a better or similar but cheaper product. (I think that is a bit impossible though :P)

  • Glides onto your skin smoothly
  • Texture and consistence of the product are really good
  • Moisturize and protects the skin really well
  • Hydrate your skin slightly
  • Does not clog your pores
  • Great under make-up
  • Gives a healthy radiant skin the next day
  • Can use as both an oil and moisturizer



I used to use this ALL . THE . TIME! I went through so many of these tubs! This was my 1st ever favorite moisturizer! However, Lydia’s problem of getting bored with her products came. I stop buying this and tired other products. After trying other products, I still like this moisturizer. It is just a basic moisturizer that does not claim nor does anything special. It simply does its moisturizer job really well. Even if you are in a harsh weather conditions, it protects/maintain your skin moisture barrier really well! If you are looking for a basic moisturizer, this would be a good start especially those with dry or very dry skin. The only bad thing is that it does not come with a spatula to scoop the product out. ): Have to use my fingers or find a separate spatula. I will totally buy this again until I can find a better or similar but cheaper product.

  • Glides on your skin really smoothly
  • Protects your skin really well
  • Provides lots of moisture to the skin
  • Prevent moisture from leaving the skin
  • Can protect skin well even in harsh weather conditions (Example: Negative degrees)
  • Does not clog up pores or break me out



This is my favorite clay mask ever! I can say it is 1 of my Holy Grail products.  It really unclogs and cleans my pores really well.  Not only that, it does not dry me out or suck out my skin moisture which clay mask tends to do. That is important to me. I really like the fact that this is slightly acidic (pH level 6) and not alkaline. It is hard to find clay mask that is slightly acidic. It is usually alkaline or neutral. Also, the price is so affordable which makes it even better!! Happy wallet right here! I would totally buy this again unless I can find a better or similar but cheaper product. (I think it is impossible though! (: )

  • Unclogs and cleans pores really well
  • Brightens your skin (I think it just me but it does that. It is amazing!)
  • Retains skin moisture
  • Does not leave your skin dry and tight
  • pH level 6
  • Affordable price tag



You all know by now how much I LOVE this product! It is 1 of my Holy Grail products! Totally cannot leave without this product! It is perfect for every skin situation. When I am being lazy or have a late night, I would just Clarisonic my face and use this. That’s it! It really brings my skin back to life and moisturizes my skin really well! I would total buy this again even if I find a better product. (Unless I find a similar but cheaper product. Who do not like cheaper but good products right?)

  • Moisturize and hydrates your skin really well!
  • Brightens up your skin
  • Your skin drinks it up really well.
  • Perfect for lazy or “I wanna get this over with” nights
  • Perfect to use on the plane without looking scary! Hahaha!!
  • Includes a spatula


About 4th quarter of 2014, my lip started to react badly and got really extremely sensitive! The skin would start to peel (A LOT) really badly, swell up and gets itchy. It was horrible!

Almost all the lip balm that I had, either causes my lip to react badly or was not moisturizing enough. (Not only lip balm but any lip products that I had cause my lip to react badly) I have so many different types of lips balms at home and none of them work except 1. (Dr.Lipp)

Before my lip start reacting up, I was using this like an overnight lip mask cause it was extreme moisturizing and hydrating. However, right now I use this as a normal lip balm and that’s how bad my lip has become.

Over the course of 2015, I have found 4 lip products that works well for my extreme sensitive and dry lip. I use them according to the different situation, timings and lip condition. Because of these 4 products I can try other balms and lip makeup without getting worried about my lips reacting. I would totally buy all of these again until I get bored of them but…. I will eventually go back to them after a while! Hahaha!!


IMG_0023 (2)

Even though this product started as a nipple balm, it works really well on lips! It is one of those thick sticky lip balms. It takes quite a while to sink into the lips but it really moisturizes and hydrates your lips. It protects your lips really well and it plumps it up too! Bonus!

I use this in the morning on a daily basis whenever I do not need to use any lip makeup that day. However, I would sometimes use this as gloss on top of my lip make-up. It still hydrates and moisturizes my lip throughout the day! It is amazing!

  • Thick and sticky consistence
  • Hydrates and moisturizes your lips really well
  • Protects the lips quite well
  • Perfect even for extreme sensitive or dry lips
  • Plumps up your lips
  • Softens your lips
  • Creates a glossy finish
  • Alternative lip gloss (Only works for lip tint)




I was introduced to this by my beautiful aunt. She introduced this to me after hearing about my lip condition.  This is the lighter version of Dr.Lipp. It is not as thick and sticky as Dr.Lipp. It is perfect for on the go due to the packaging and texture. I like that I do not need to use my fingers to apply the product. It protects my lips well.

  • Thin but sticky consistency
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Moisturizes and Hydrates your lips well
  • Good for even extreme sensitive or dry lips
  • Protects the lips well
  • Perfect for even extreme sensitive or dry lips




This is my latest addition! I only started using this at the 4th quarter of 2015 and I already love it! I have heard about this quite a lot of times just that it is quite hard to find it in Singapore unless you purchase it online. (I found this in Guardian at Johor Bahru)

I put this either in the morning or at night. I put this in the morning when my lips are reacting or I am putting lip make-up on. This creates a good base for my lips and glides on really smoothly. It has a really thin smooth consistency compare to the other 2 lip products that I have mention earlier.

  • Thin and smooth consistency
  • Glides on really smoothly
  • Creates a good base for lip make-up
  • Protects the lips from reacting to the lip make-up
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the lips well
  • Perfect for even extreme sensitive or dry lips




Some of you might be shocked or lost about this. Lost in not knowing what on earth this is or shocked that I am using a nipple product that is meant for new mothers who need to breastfeed. Yes that is what I just said. Do not judge so quickly just yet! This is a pure Lanolin product. It is just another type of moisturizing ingredient that doctors recommend to new mothers. If it works than why not use it?

I was recommended by one of my mother’s friends after hearing my lips condition. I really love this! When the other 3 products fail me, this does not. It speeds up the recovery process of my reacted lips. The consistency is in between Dr.Lipp and Carmex. It is sticky and thick. Not as thick as Dr.Lipp but thicker than Carmex. Not as sticky as Dr.Lipp but stickier than Carmex.

  • Soothes and soften your lips (Even cracked lips)
  • Protects the lips really well
  • Speed up the recovery process
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the lips very well
  • Perfect even for extreme sensitive and dry lips


IMG_0020 (2)

I have tried all of the thermal spring water in the drugstore and I like this brand the most. The power of the spray is strong but not too strong. I like to feel the spray on face if not I do not find it soothing enough. The size of the water particles is small and the distance between them is close. Also, this calms down my skin slightly better than the rest. That’s what I like this brand more than the others.

  • Spray power strong enough but not too strong
  • Size of the water particles are small
  • Distance between each water particles are close
  • Calms down my skin slightly better than the rest
  • Prevent skin irritation
  • Brings down the skin temperature
  • Freshen up and soothes the skin



I use this simply because of the portable size. I wish La-Roche-Rosay has a portable size but they do not have. ): Out of all the brands that sell 50ml size bottle, this is the best. This size is perfect for even small bags and purse. I HAVE to bring a facial spray everywhere I go. I cannot live without facial mist/spray. I would buy again until La-Roche-Posay comes out a 50ml spray bottle or I get bored and change to another brand with the same size. Haha!!

  • Portable size
  • Prevent skin irritation
  • Freshen up and soothes the skin
  • Brings down the skin temperature


We have come to the end of my 2015 Beauty Skin Care Favorites! Woah! That is a lot of words! Hope these shorts reviews help you! Please help me share this post or blog to your friends! Thank you! Next post would be the Make-up! See you tomorrow! *Muacks*

♥ Lydia


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