2015 Beauty Favorites: Make-up

Hey Girlfriends~


I hope you are having a good Chinese New Year and eating loads of good food!! And of course growing fatter and not caring about it until after it is all over! After when it is all over, that’s when you start to regret it. I do not know about you but that happens to me all the time! Hahaha!!! 😀


Sneaky peak into my life: Sorry about the late posts! I am still having technical difficulties uploading posts. I thought I have solved it but apparently not. Whenever I upload any posts, the internet crashes on me and then my computer starts to hangs. Please bear with me for a while until I get a new computer or completely fix this! I got so many posts for you all but it is not working out for me! 😦  *Crying that I broke my 2016 blog goals!* I failed in getting this 2015 Beauty Favorites series up and the Chinese New Year theme make-up and nails look up before CNY . ): Do not worry, I will still upload them later and you will have more post to read! 😀


Last year I did not buy or use a lot of make-up due to my job. On a daily basis, I usually do not put make-up unless I am going out that day with my friends or have other things on. I really miss putting on make-up and getting all doll up! So whenever I can put make-up, I get super happy and enjoy every single moment of it! Every single time I put it on, I would try something on and play around with it. Some of you might be thinking I am crazy for thinking this way but I also would never thought that I would feel this way when I was wearing make-up every day. I wanted to get make-up done and over with in the morning. Hahaha!! Oh, how time flies and changes… I am making myself feel old suddenly. Hahaha!! 😀

If you want to know what are my make-up favorites for 2015, read on for more!

All the products you see here, I would buy again unless these few reasons.

  • Got bored of them and want to try new products (Typically Lydia)
  • Found a better product
  • Found a similar but cheaper product

I do not have a product for every single category. The reason is that either I did not like the products enough to be a favorite or did not try any products for that category. Let’s get started!



This was my 2015 make-up changing product! I put this before my foundation and after my primer or simply mix this with your foundation. This amazingly makes your face brighter, lighter and healthier! Even the dark circle can get lighter and under eye! It gives a natural glow. I have not tried any other pink base product besides this but I still love this! Plus, it is so affordable!

One thing bad about this is that, when you accidentally put too much; it will be and look cake-y.

I would buy this again until I can find a better product!

  • Makes your face naturally brighter, lighter and healthier
  • Give off a natural glow to the skin
  • A little goes a long way
  • Affordable price
  • UVA and UVB protection



Side note: This is the smaller version and not the full size version. Going to get the full size one this is finish! 😀

This is a duo duty product. It is a concealer and eye cream. I like to use mainly for 2 main reasons. First, I like to use this for work (gym) to cover my dark and huge dark circles. I need to look presentable on stage, looking healthy and energized.  Not sick and looking like I do not have enough energy in front of the clients. Even when I am tired and lacking of sleep! Hahaha!!!

Second reason is that the application time is so short and quick. Just one swipe under the eye and pat it in with my ring finger! I do not usually put foundation or anything else on when I use this. It just look so natural by itself and the shade match my skin tone nicely too! Plus, I do not need to put eye cream before it too! Perfect for my daily routine!

However, one thing that I do not like is that, it does not last very long. It might be due to my job as I sweat and exercise a lot. Not a lot of make-up can handle and withstand that.

I would buy this again until I can find a product that can last longer or similar but cheaper.

  • Easy to apply
  • Takes little time to apply
  • A little goes a long way
  • Looks natural
  • Duo duty product
  • Can substitute eye cream
  • Perfect for lazy days
  • Moisturizing



This is more of a brightening and highlighting concealer than a spot concealer; and this does an amazing job for me personally.

I like to use this with a disposable sponge or beauty blender than a makeup brush. It blends much nicer and faster. You can use your fingers too but it takes a longer time to pat and blend it in

Side Note: I have use an entire bottle finish and currently I am on my last legs on the 2nd bottle. That seldom happens to me. That how much I like it.

  • Brightens and Highlights the under eye area
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Perfect to use with either disposable sponge or beauty blender
  • Affordable price tag
  • Blendable



Yes, this is inside my 2015 favorites but I have to give this a little shout out! This is 1 of my hidden tools that has been helping to apply my make-up quickly and nicely. It is cheap, hygienic and does not need to wash.

You can get a bag of these at Daiso for $2. I would change the sponge every 1-2 months depending on how times I use it.

I would totally get this until I can find a better but similar price tag.

  • Cheap
  • Hygienic
  • Does not need to be wash
  • Blends the make-up nicely and quickly


IMG_0041 IMG_0039

This is my very 1st concealer palette that I bought in a whim and did not regret doing that. It is amazing how “on the whim” products can either be your favorite or your most disliked product! Hahaha!! 😀

This is perfect for those of you who like to customs their concealer or are unable to find a perfect shade for you skin tone. Not only, it is great for traveling and bring around! There is a mirror and brush inside it. Extra bonus points!!

I mainly use this for spot concealing as this is slight drying to my under eye area. I would buy this again if I still cannot find a better concealer palette as I am getting bored with this. I have been using this way too long.

  • Perfect for customizing your concealer shade
  • Portable
  • Good for spot concealing
  • 4 shades to choose from
  • Do not need to bring or use a separate brush


IMG_0042 IMG_0043

I have finished a whole compact of this. That’s how much I like this product. This powder is just so smooth and blendable like what it says to be. The particles of the powder are just so fine! I like to use it not only set my make-up but also blend my powder bronzer` highlighter and blush together. It makes it look more natural and seamless; especially when you have gone overboard with it and need to bring it down a notch.

There is a mirror and a sponge inside but I do not really use it. I wish it was a brush instead of a sponge though. That would be much better.

Would obviously buy this again until I can find a better or cheaper but similar product.

  • Blendable
  • Smooth
  • Fine particles
  • Makes the color face make-up more seamless
  • Affordable price tag



Side note: The words have been complete disappear from the packaging so I cannot be really sure about the exact name of this mascara. If my memory serves me correct, this is the High Impact Waterproof Mascara.

I used to have this big problem where ANYTHING that I have put on my eye it would go down to the bottom part/under area of my eyes. Be it eyeliners, mascara, eye shadow or any eye make-up; it would just suddenly transport itself to the bottom. Not a pretty look. Nope, not at all… I literally would look like I have cried or rub my eyes really hard. Not funny. So when I told this huge problem to Larry Yeo, (He is a famous local artist if you do not know.)  I was introduced and recommended to this product. He told me that this is 1 of the strongest waterproof mascara that he knew.  That if this mascara does not work for me, he does not know what else will.  (Please do not quote me on this as it has been a few years since then and I cannot remember the exact words he said. Plus, quite some time has passed and the ranking might change since then.) He was not promoting Clinique or whatsoever! I finally understand why he say is 1 of the strongest waterproof mascara out there. It really is strong!

Would totally buy this again until I can find better or cheaper but similar mascara!

  • Really waterproof
  • Need a good eye make-up remover to remove it (That’s how strong it is)
  • Adds volume
  • Gives length
  • Does not clump



I like this more than the Stila Liquid Eyeliner. I felt Dolly Wink was much better compare to that Stila. It might only be me but I will definitely go back to this. I regret buying Stila and just waiting on finish it to buy this product. It is not as fantastic as what the Youtubers say and review.

The difference between those two is that this brush stays in shape no matter how long or how many times your use it. There are no little fine hairs poking out after using for some time. It last longer and does not flake off after some time.

However, Stila’s brush is slightly thinner compare to Dolly Wink and they have more color choices. That’s the good thing about that brand.

I will keep buying this until I can find a better or similar but cheaper product!

  • True dark black
  • Brush stays in shape
  • No fine bristles or hair coming out
  • Last longer
  • Does not flake off



If this was not given to me, I would think that I would actually have a Shiseido make-up product and I must say that now I know why people buy their products. It is really good but that is just me from trying 1 make-up product though! HAHAHA!! 😀 It is just that I have always heard good reviews about products from Shiseido and always wanted to try them but the price is out of my budget.

After using this, I can completely tell the difference between the affordable and higher end eye shadow products. Not that I am saying the drugstore products are not good, I still use them; it’s just different!

One thing bad about this is that it does not have good lasting power but you cannot have everything right?

  • SO buttery!
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Really Pigmented
  • Fine particles
  • Buildable (Can do a natural or smoky look)
  • Easy to blend
  • Soft to the touch
  • Stays on for a good amount of time
  • Portable and travel friendly
  • Extra brushes given
  • Not a good lasting power



This is a coral peach color with subtle shimmer in it. Even though it has shimmer in it, this somehow looks natural! I like to put this on when I need a quick wash of color over the eyelid without looking over the top. I let you in on a secret technique. (Not sure whether it is but I do not see anyone doing it.) Another way I like to do it, is to put it at the inner corner of my eyes. Everybody is putting either silver, gold or champagne at the inner corners. It looks amazing but not really great for every day wear when you do not want to look over the top. This adds color, brightens up the eye area and adds a little glitter to your everyday look! Who does not want to have some glitter in their life right?! (Or maybe it is just me though! Haha!! :D)

It is smooth and soft to the touch. It is not really pigmented which is good when you want a subtle eye make-up. However, if you have discolored eyelid (Like me) you need to correct it before putting this as the color would not really show up as well.

  • Coral Peach
  • Subtle Shimmer
  • Natural and not over the top
  • Brightens up the eye area
  • Add a subtle color to your make-up
  • Great for daily make-up looks
  • Great for subtle eye make-up looks
  • Smooth and soft to the touch




Anybody who love or enjoy doing make-up would have this in their make-up brush collection. This is the classic blending eye brush. Even though I do not have any blending eye brush other than this, this really helps me to improve the effect and application of my eye make-up. I have been using other type of brushes to blend and apply eye shadow into the crease but this make the job so much easier! It looks much better too!

Side Note: This is my only MAC make-up brush. 😛 I do not really invest on my make-up brush or buy similar ones. For me, as long it does the job well; I am good! I will usually buy another make-up brush when it dies out on me or when I feel it is not doing its job well or I do not have a make-up brush that does that particular job.

  • Blends out nicely and seamlessly
  • Precise application to the crease
  • Able to see the amount of product is on the brush (White Bristles)
  • Handle size fits nicely onto your fingers



This is a twist up pencil which makes things so much easier and less messy. Also, there is a spoolie at the end which helps me out. My previous eyebrow pencil did not have a spoolie at the end and I had to bring an additional brush around. 😦

The shape of this draws out my natural eyebrow nicely. Not like some eyebrow pencil where it is meant to change your natural eyebrow shape like making a straight or super high arch eyebrow. The texture is not too soft or not too hard like the Shu Uemura’s hard formula. It is somewhere in between. I felt that the Shu Uemura’s hard formula is more suited if you want to draw a straight eyebrow shape where the texture is slightly harder. I generally prefer eyebrow products that draw out my natural eyebrow shape makes it look fuller and groomed.

Also, the spoolie is great for blending the product out! If I go overboard, I can brush through the eyebrows a few more times and it totally brings it down! It is so soft and gentle to your skin unlike some where it is quite hard and stiff.

  • Great to use for natural eyebrow shape
  • Easier and less messy
  • Includes spoolie at the end
  • Not too soft nor hard



This was my very 1st eyebrow gel and let me say that this change my perspective of eyebrow make-up! This makes my eyebrows fuller and tamed! I have lots of eyebrow hair but the problem is that I have empty gaps in my eyebrow! Somehow or another, my eyebrow hairs seem to hate those areas and refuse to grow there! (WHY?!! WHY?!! ) The fibers in this product help me cover those areas and make it look like I have hair there.

This brow gel does not make my eyebrow crispy and hard. It is still soft and looks natural. Unlike some of them where you could totally tell that you have put brow gel! It just looks so crispy hard and unnatural!

One thing bad is the color range. It does not affect me as I do not dye my hair but this product has only 2 colors. (Dark brown and light brown) It might suit everybody.

  • Fibers to cover the empty gaps
  • Grooms and tames the hairs
  • Looks natural and soft



This is my 1st ever powder highlighter and I love it until I have hit panel on this (After so long!). This is an amazing highlighter! It is a champagne color and the glitters are not too strong. When the light hits, it gives off such a soft subtle natural glow! ♥

Even though this is quite pigmented, you can use it for either natural or full face party look! Not only that, the powder are so fine that you it would not be cake-y! This is totally buildable and blend-able!

This gives an expensive and classy finish and look that you would not ever think that the price is affordable and cheaper than what you thought!

This works well as an eyeshadow too!

I am not sure how this compares with the Jaclyn Hill X Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Hightlighter though. When I buy the Becca Highlighter, I will give a compare review and let you all know! (:

  • Beautiful Champagne Color
  • Glitters are not too strong
  • Reflective the light beautifully
  • Pigmented
  • Can use it for either Natural or Party look
  • Gives a soft subtle natural glow
  • Powder are finely milled
  • Does not cake
  • Buildable
  • Blend-able
  • Gives an expensive and classy finish/look
  • Takes quite some time to finish this product
  • Can use this as a eyeshadow



I like everything about this product except for the color and the price. It is slightly too dark for me. I usually only do shading and not contour. In other words, I am just simply bronzing my face. (Not sure if it is the same to you but to me is slightly different. Haha!! 😛 ) Personally, bronzer’s purpose is to just frame my face naturally. That’s all. Not those strong contours; if you know what I mean. (Hopefully. *cross fingers* Haha!!)

  • Blend-able
  • Buildable
  • Matt
  • Light weight
  • Really pigmented



IMG_0044 IMG_0054

This is my 1st ever cheek tint and I love every other colors in this series. However, out of all the colors, this is my utmost favorite. The color suits my skin tone while and give off a natural flush look without looking too orange-y.

I do not use this as a lip tint.  I feel this does not really work well as a lip tint for my personally. It just not pigmented and hydrating enough. Also, it just tastes horrible.

  • Good lasting power
  • Great color
  • A little goes a long way
  • Pigmented
  • Natural flush look
  • Dewy finish


IMG_0046 IMG_0053

Another 1st lip tint if you do not count the Benefit Cha Cha Tint. I like this a lot because of the color, hydrating properties and low maintenance. I do not need to keep worrying about it. If it goes off, it fades away nicely.

  • A natural orange color
  • Brightens the face due to the color
  • Hydrating
  • Lasting
  • Fades away nicely
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to remove at the end of the day


IMG_0047 IMG_0052

I bought this product on a whim, just because it was on offer and I totally regret not buying more! I love this so much! This color matches perfectly to almost all of my outfits and make-up looks! This was the color that I have also looking for! It is red with a slight orange undertone. If I do not know what lip color to use; I would just simply grab this and leave the house without a doubt.

This is one of the top few lip tints that are quite moisturizing. There are a number of oils and moisturizing ingredients in this compare to other lip tint products.

Also, this has a matt finish! This is like the only lip tint that I found that is moisturizing and gives off a matt finish! It is super hard to find a matt lip product for me due to my extreme dry lip condition. This does not make me panic or be cautious about my lip. Not worried on drying lips or forming dead skin cells and peeling. However, this will stick to any dead skin if you have on your lips. You can just scrub it off and reapply it. That’s what I usually do.

This is totally buildable and versatile. You can give a gradient, natural or full on lip look. Usually I would just put 1 layer for natural look and 2-3 layers for a full on look. I like to use this only for a gradient look or as a base to mix with other products.

If you let the product set in for quite some time, the product would not come off even when you are eating. Even if it comes off, it fades off nicely.

  • Red color with an orange undertone
  • Color suits perfectly to almost all of my looks
  • Moisturizing
  • Matt finish
  • Sticks to your
  • Versatile
  • Buildable
  • Good lasting power
  • Fades off nicely

KIKO 908

IMG_0048 IMG_0049I cannot remember the series and model of this. It is also not stated on the product itself. It only states the color number. Please comment down below if you know it, so the rest of the viewers would know!

I bought this when I was in Europe and I totally regret not buying more of their lipsticks and make-up products! It is so affordable compare to other brands of the same quality. It is hard to find it in Singapore and even if you find it; the price are much higher than the actual price.

This is a classic red lipstick with a hint of orange undertone. It is both really moisturizing and pigmented. This fades off nicely too and has quite a good lasting power for a red lipstick.

Nothing much to say about it except it sometimes slides off and clings to dry patches sometimes. It gets better if you scrub the dead skin away. Put lip balm and lip liner before it

  • Classic Red Lipstick
  • Moisturizing
  • Strong Pigmentation
  • Good Lasting Power
  • Sometimes slides off (Gets better if use lip liner)
  • Fades off nicely
  • Can sometimes clings on dry patches

KIKO 811



Same as the previous Kiko lipstick, I do not know the model or series of this product except for the color number. Please comment down below if you know it, so the rest of the viewers would know!

This is a sheer purple-ish red lipstick with a hint of glitter. You would not be able to see the glitter when it is on your lips, only the glossy and dewy finish. This fades off nicely but does not have lasting power like most sheer lipsticks.

  • Sheer and moisturizing
  • Purple-ish red color with a hint of glitter
  • Glossy and dewy finish
  • Fades off nicely
  • Does not have lasting power


IMG_0050 IMG_0051

Like the past few products, this is also my 1st ever lip cream that I use and I have been using this lip cream for coming 3 years now. This is my 2nd tube and a little goes a long way. It is super pigmented and last quite long. This fades off nicely if you moisturize it before using this. This can sometimes clings to your dead skin or dry patches. It is not obvious until the other areas fades off. Maybe it might be okay for most of you as I have extremely dry lips.

This can slide around if you put too much or when it has not set in. It would not slide as much if you put a lip liner beforehand. It is really pigmented so when it slides it is quite obvious.

  • A little goes a long way
  • Moisturizing but goes away after some time
  • Super pigmented
  • Good lasting power
  • Fades off nicely
  • Sometimes clings to dead skin or dry patches after. (Not obvious until the other areas fades off)
  • Sides around if put too much or when it has not settle
  • Good to use lip liner before this to prevent sliding

Lip products swatches


Side Note: I forgot to swatch the Kiko 811

From the left: Kiko 908, NYX, Innisfree, Tony Moly


Thank you for staying with me through this period even though I was not uploading on time and regularly for the past few weeks. Once this issue has been settled, I will upload all the posts until you are overwhelmed by it! Hahaha!!

Have a great Chinese New Year! I will see you all in the next post! Hopefully it is not too long! *Muacks*




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