2015 Beauty Favorites: Nails


Hey Girlfriends~

This is the 4th and last part of this series! Yah!! We are finally done! (ノ◕)*:・゚✧

I initial planned for a 3 parts series but then I realize that there were too many products! Thus, the 4 part of this series that you are reading now!

Sneaky Peak into my Life: I am someone who cannot live with nail polish on my nails and it is not because I am obsessed over it or love it death. I have a good reason behind it. It is to prevent me from biting my nails. Yes, biting my nails.

I have been having this habit since childhood. I cannot remember when this started but as long as I can remember, I have been having this bad habit.

I have managed to find different ways to ‘cure’ myself of this bad habit and painting my nails is one of them. If you see my current nail condition now, you would have not thought that I have once had this bad habit. I would be posting up a blog post on how to get rid of this bad habit. I did not have any help on how to get rid of this habit except “Stop biting your nails Miss Lydia Kek!” Hahaha!! So hope that post would help some of you!

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Read on for more if you want to know what are my 2015 Nail Favorites!


Unlike the past 3 2015 favourite’s posts, I might not be repurchasing these nail polish again. It is so hard trying to finish a bottle that by the time you finish it; you got really bored with them.

These nail polish are simply here because I have loved (Currently love) these colours that I have been repainting them over and over again. That the amount of products in the bottle quickly decreases without me realising it.

About the other nail products that are not nail polish, I would repurchase them again.

Let’s get started!

PS: I am not really fussy and particular compare to my skin care and make-up. So you would realise that I do not go into small details about the products here compare to the others blog posts. I usually buy them for the colour and price of it.



One thing that I really like about this oil is that is not too oily and lightweight. Before I started using this product, I used olive oil for my nails. It did not really work as well as this oil does.  Also, it is easier to apply compare to olive oil where you have to pour out from the bottle and that can get quite messy.

  • Replenish the moisture back into my cuticle
  • Soften the ‘hard’ skin around the nails
  • Makes nail grow stronger and healthier
  • Prevent dryness and dry skin around the nail area.
  • Lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin
  • Easy application




I bought this in Europe simply because I forgot to bring my base coat over there and I totally regret not buying more of it. It is so good! Not only has it provided a good base for the color nail polish but my nails really gotten stronger and thicker after using this.

Also, it dries quite quickly and really instantly hardens! This is especially good for those who cannot stand waiting for a long time for the nails polish to dry and have weak nails. This helps to prevent your nails from breaking and cracking.

  • Provides a good smooth base
  • Make nail stronger and thicker
  • Dries quickly
  • Instantly hardens
  • Prevent weak and brittle nails from breaking




This was one of the products that help me cut down my bad habit of biting nails. Yes, I have used to have a bad habit of biting my nails and I thank God that I can finally say that I do not have that bad habit anymore.

This helps my nails to grow much faster and that is the only simple reason why I like this product. I have stopped buying this as my bad habit is FINALLY GONE (YES!); but if you are facing with this habit or simply want to speed up your nail growth, this product is for you.

However, it gets quite thick and not really a good base compare to a normal base coat. The longer you keep, the thicker it gets. You have been warned. Haha!!

  • Speeds up nail growth
  • Not a good base coat
  • Gets quite thick and sticky

PS: This is great for those you who does gel manicures and pedicures; and those not want to go back to remove it off. This speed up the process of getting rid of your gel nail polish since its speeds up the nail growth. It still takes some time but it works.




I might buy this again if not for the smell of this nail polish. I have a really bad nose (That is one of reason why you do not see me talk about scents of products) and if I can smell this, it means it is strong. It is the nail polish remover kind of smell and everyone knows they are bad for your health.

This is my favorite nude nail polish color. It suits my skin tone really well. This is more of orange-pink undertone side of nudes. (Oh please hope that makes sense to you as it does to me!*Cross fingers* Hahaha!!) It is not that opaque compare to the other colors in the same range. Sometimes I would put a 3rd coat if I want a strong nude color. The thick brush makes is easy to apply even for those who are new to applying nail polish.

  • Smell is horrible
  • Not that opaque compare to the other colors
  • Thick brush
  • Round end brush
  • Easy to apply even for beginners
  • Nude color suits my skin tone
  • More on the orange-pink undertone side of nudes
  • Affordable price tag




If I want a pastel color, I would go to 2 nail polishes straight away and this is one of them. This is a blueish-purple color. This is more opaque compare to the previous nude nail polish. This is good for those who want more control on their nail polish due to the slim brush.

  • Pastel Blueish-purple color
  • Slim medium size brush
  • Straight end brush




If I want a pastel color, this is the 2nd nail polish that I would go to straight away. This is just a pastel purple. I like to use this by itself or wear it together with the previous pastel color. This is more opaque compare to the previous pastel nail polish.

This is harder to apply as the brush is quite thin and long. It takes a few more strokes to fill up the entire nail. You would not want to get this Essie nail polish if you want to quickly go through your painting process!

  • Pastel purple color
  • More opaque compare to the previous 2 nail polish
  • Thin and long brush
  • Takes more stroke to fill the entire nail




This is a dark grey color nail polish. The application for this is better compared to the previous Essie nail polish that I have talk earlier on. The brush is slightly wider and easy to apply onto the nails.  This is opaque to the point of able to use only 1 coat. Thus, good for those who does not want to or does not have a lot of time to spend on their nails.

  • Dark grey color
  • Opaque until 1 layer of coat is sufficient
  • Apply easily compare to the previous Essie nail polish
  • Slim medium size brush
  • Round end brush




I am not really a pink person but when I want to encourage myself to have a slight pink in my life, I would put this on. I know I know. “This is not a true pink color!” I can hear the girls who love pink shouting that at my ear. Haha!! You must understand that pink and I do not go well together. If I were to wear pink, it has to be mix with something else and the portion of the pink must be low. Thus, this nail color of pinkish-purple that is more on the purple side.

The brush for this is the same as the 274 nail polish.

  • Bright pinkish-purple color
  • Adds a little glitter or shine to the nails
  • Brightens up the look
  • Apply easily compare to the Essie 856 nail polish
  • Slim medium size brush
  • Round end brush




This was 1 of the first few nail polishes that I have and I still love it still now. That means I have loved (and currently loving) this for quite a few years! That’s a long time to love a nail polish color! I am quite surprise that I have not finish this bottle yet. Even if I finish this bottle, I would totally still buy this again. That is how much I love this maroon nail polish.

This dark maroon color matches my skin tone really well. It gives the illusion of my hand looking whiter and brighter than before, crazy right?! It might be due to the fact that it is in the darker color side and dark nail polish kind of makes your skin look whiter than it actually is. Also, the red does not make your hand look dull and sick like some dark colors out there.

One thing bad about this is that it would stain my nail. That is how opaque and strong the color is. Make sure to use a good base coat before applying this.

  • Dark maroon color
  • Love this for quite a few years
  • Last for a really long time
  • Gives an illusion of a brighter and whiter hand
  • Really opaque that 1 layer is good enough
  • Will stain your nails if do not put a good base coat or apply to much nail polish
  • Slightly round end brush




I love to use this when I want a bit of a glitter in my life. You can see that I like glitters in my nails. Those kind of subtle glitters that you cannot really see until you get up close to them. Don’t get me wrong! I love those huge glamour glitter nail polish, is just that it is not usable/realistic for daily usage.

This is an opaque dark red with a hint of purple undertone. The color is similar to the O.P.I NLM44. Just that this is more on the purple side. The glitters are fine and reddish-pink in color. There is a slight gold in the glitter too! 😀

The brush is slight bigger than the Essie 856 and smaller than the Essie 274. It is easier to apply compare to the Essie 856 but it still takes 4-5 strokes to fill the entire nail.

  • Dark Red with a slight purple undertone
  • Subtle fine glitters
  • Reddish-pink and gold glitters
  • Quite opaque
  • Slightly round end brush (more of a curve than round)
  • Applies on smoothly and easily
  • Takes 4-5 stokes to fill the entire nail



Yes, I love my glitters that I bought a bottle dedicated to it. The glitter is in a light silvery blue color. Not only that, the glitters in different sizes and shapes. I have a few glitter nail polish and this stands out compare to the others. It brings your nail polish to another level.

It stands out but in a chic kind of way. Not those ‘bang in your face’ kind of colors. I usually like to wear this on my accent nail or simply add this on top of a light blue nail polish. I love to pair up this with the O.P.I NLE74. You can bring the level up to glamour or down to causal.

The application is really easy to use and you can easily control the amount of glitter you want! The size of the brush is wide but flat.

I would usually just use this as a top coat even though it is not meant to and it holds the color nail polish quite well! It is also awesome for people who cannot be bothered to put another top coat after painting 4 coats of nail polish. People like me! Hahaha!! You must understand the torture and patience of having to paint 5 coats; and waiting for them to dry. You cannot do almost everything while you are waiting for it to dry! Oh come on! I think you too face this problem. Especially when you have been drying your nail polish for quite a long period of time and then you smudge it. You would be cursing and swearing in your head (Some of you might shout out of loud though. Haha!!)

  • Light silvery blue color
  • Different glitter sizes and shapes
  • Stands out but in a chic way
  • Can either make glamorous or causal
  • Easy and smooth application
  • Wide but flat brush
  • Can use as a top coat



“Oh Lydia… You have another glitter nail product? Why am I not surprise?” I can imagine some of you saying that to me as I type this out. I think you all can now understand my love for glitters. Anyway….

These are so versatile and filled with endless possibilities! You can create different looks and give different type of vibes. I have them not only in different colors but different materials and shapes. The type of material and shapes of the glitters is what cause/create the different type of vibes. They are so fun to play with! Plus, they are so affordable and long-lasting! However, the bad thing is that they can be quite messy and takes a lightly more time to apply them on the nails.

  • Versatile
  • Endless design possibilities
  • Able to create different looks
  • Give different types of vibes
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Fun to play with
  • Can be quite messy
  • Takes more time to apply than glitter nail polish



PS: This was supposed to be white but it turned slightly red due to the nail polish.

Same with the previous Kiko base coat that I have mention earlier. I bought it in Europe and I totally regret not buying more of this there. I mainly use this as a top coat. It dries quite fast and faster than regular top coat. It even out the previous nail polish color nicely.

I have not tried this as a base coat or know whether the color nail polish will turn to mat. I felt it was a waste of product if I use this as a base coat and it did not turn mat. That’s how much I like this.

I like how this mat turns out. Some mat coats out there are not really nice. It does not really turn fully mat if that makes sense. It looks mat but not mat at the same time.

  • Can be use either base or top coat
  • Dries quickly
  • True mat


We have finally come to the end of 2015 favorite’s series! In March…. ): *sigh* I am still sad on how I am unable to post quite a few blog posts for you all, especially those theme makeup looks. (E.g Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day) I can post them later but you all would not be able to use them for those events. ):

Anyway… Have no worries! I just did quite a few hauls and will be reviewing quite a few products. That also means, you will get a ton of reviews from me too! Yah!!!

The computer issue has not been settled yet but hopefully it would be nice to me and allow me to at least upload blog post. I would not be able to post regular so follow me on Instagram and Twitter to have the latest update!! See you all soon! Have a great weekend ahead! *muacks*



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