Travel Fashion: Bangkok Outfits


Hello Hello!!

I have something new for you all today! If you have been reading and following my blog, you will realise that this is my 1st overseas fashion blog post! YAHH!!! *Fireworks*

Unlike my reviews and other blog posts; this post would be less wordy (phew…Thank God!) and have more pictures for you to look at!

Frankly, I do not know how to go about this so please pardon me if you feel the structure or the words used is not really good. I would be so glad if you could comment and tell me your opinions about it! Lets get started shall we?

I have a love and hate relationship with packing luggages or your bags for an overseas. Let me try and explain it to you. You are all excited about the overseas trip and you literally cannot wait for it to start!!! However…. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!!!! You just want to bring your whole closet overseas! You never know what kind of clothes you want to wear on that day. You also need to make sure that the clothes are comfortable for traveling and still look good on you; and on camera. (Of course! Especially for someone like me. 😛 >.<)

Even when you eat a tiny little bit too much and your round tummy is showing up on camera. Who am I kidding?! Of course A LOT! How can you not eat a lot during an overseas trip?! It’s 1 of the best time to eat right?? So your big round tummy will be showing through. Maybe not for you but for me… Argh… -.-

Plus, you need to match all of your clothes; without bringing too many clothes of course; and to the 1 or almost 2 pairs of footwear!

After all that craziness, you still need to think of your bags, makeup and so on. Now you know where am I coming from. Argh… The love and hate relationship….

Anyway, hopefully this outfit blog post can help you in packing your bags a lot easier.


I took an earlier morning flight from Singapore and reached Bangkok, Thailand in the late morning. So I needed to plan an outfit that could be worn in the uncomfortable air-con blasting airplane and the super hot humid weather in Bangkok. This is what I got!


PS:This girl needs her Dark Mocha Starbucks to survive the flight.

Top: Bratop in grey from UNIQLO

Bottoms: Black High Waist Shorts from Bangkok

Jacket: Bomber Jacket in Khaki from Editors Market

Footwear: Florida in Black Birkenstock

Bag: Pouch from Bangkok

I do not know when it started but I would always drink a Starbucks before a flight.  I would feel very funny if I dont drink it before a flight out of Singapore. I don’t usually drink Starbucks on a daily basis but I feel that it helps me prep myself before a flight and a little celebration drink in getting out-of-town! 😀

TOP: Yes, this is a Bra Top and an inner wear but who cares! No one knows that is meant to be an inner wear when it looks like a normal sleeveless tank top. To me, the purpose or name of the clothes is not everything. Like you don’t have to stick to it like your makeup brushes. You can use your contour brush as a highlight brush and so on so forth. I bet if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know. Hahaha!!

I love this top as it so comfortable and breathable! Plus, you do not need to worry about your bra or bra strips coming out. I always worry about that and I get really self-conscious. Thus, unable to enjoy my trip.

BOTTOM: Black high waist shorts are 1 of my favourite go-tos. They make your legs look longer, hide your round tummy and those muffin tops! The pain of those fats are real. Argh…

Anyway, they are comfortable to be in. Especially when you are in the plane moving legs up and down to attempt to get a comfortable position. You do not want to worry about your butt crack and butt showing right? Argh… Do I need to say any more?

JACKET: One of my favourite jackets! Love the 2 tone contrast!

FOOTWEAR: LOVE LOVE LOVE this Birkenstock! I have problematic feet and if I don’t have good support; my feet, legs and back would start to hurt after walking for long. So these are perfect for me! They look good and have great support! This is why I literally wear this every single day. Its been with me for quite a few years and it is still going strong.

BAG: Love this pouch to add some pop of colours into my outfits. This comes with a chain to change to pouch to a sling bag which is great to keep your hands free when you are juggling with many things.


^See the lady behind me! She past out before the flight took off and she was not the only one. That was how early the flight was. I am looking awake and freshen up due to my Starbucks! Haha!! :D^

Headphones: Marshall

Necklaces and Rings: Bangkok

Watch: Casio

HEADPHONES: This girl right here cannot go without her headphones whenever she go overseas. You just need to cancel all the irritating different types of noises in the plane and allow yourself to get a bit of sleep or comfort in the plane. From sneezing, babies crying, certain people talking a bit (VERY) loudly and so on so forth. I think you know the rest. Hahaha!! That’s why I need my headphones when I go overseas.

NECKLACE: I always go to this particular stall in Terminal 21 Mall in Bangkok. I love their necklaces and bracelets! They are handmade and their designs are simple but unique at the same. They are from a local brand and designer. I love supporting local designers and brands. Usually whenever I go to another country, I would buy something from a local brand or designer. It can be anything as small as an earring to clothes. As long I love it. worth the money and usable.

Sadly, they don’t have a fixed unit and are always in those temporary push carts and stalls. So every time I go there, I would wish their stall would be there. I took their name card before but I cannot find it now. If I found it, I will let you all know! 😀


BAG: Bangkok

This is 1 of my favourite/go-to outfits to wear as it so versatile, simple and comfortable! Plus, I can change the vibe and style of it depending on what I add onto the outfit.

BAG: I change my pouch into a black sling bag that is slightly more comfortable to cross body with and allow me to put more stuff inside!


Went to D’ARK and the coffee is amazing there! This is their Mocha. Deserves a trip there just for their coffee! So good~

Day 2

I planned to go shopping through this day including Chatuchak which is a hot humid mess of people. I want to wear something light in colour to prevent any more heat being absorb into my shirt and cooling. This is what I got!


Top: Bangkok

Bottoms: Johor Bahru

Footwear: Florida in Black Birkenstock

Headwear: Blue Cap from Bangkok

Sunny: Prada

Nothing much to say about the classic white tee and black shorts. You could never go wrong with this outfit.

TOP: What I like about this tee is that the material is thin and cooling but not see through at the same time. I love this neckline cutting. The V-neck design shows off my collarbone very nicely which can be a bit hard to find some times. Also, I just bought this shirt on Day 1 of the trip! 😛

HEADWEAR: This cap is slightly more uniquely than it seems. The peak/bill/brim of the hat is slightly longer than an average cap. Plus, you need a cap or at least a sunny if you are going to Chatuchak to protect your face from the evil glaring BLAZING SUN!!! Hahaha!

Sunny: This is my go-to sunny and it goes so well with most of my outfits! So if i don’t really know what sunglasses to match my outfit or have no time to think about it; this is perfect. I can count on this all the time.


Girl gotta need to fuel up her energy for shopping~ Yum Yum!! The pasta and tea selections are amazing good! Thumbs up!!


You could clearly see how happy I am shopping and this was the 2nd bag of shopping bags! Sent the 1st huge batch of shoppings bags back to the hotel first. It was too heavy!! Argh…. You could see later how much I have bought down below!


Top: Bangkok

My tee was wet and gross after all the shopping. Went back to change (And of course put down the shopping stuffs! Boy were they heavy!) to another top with the same design but in a mustard version. You can tell how much I love this tee. Hehe… Guilty of charge 😛 Plus, I totally regret not buying colours of this tee. 😦


Please don’t mind my hair! It has suffered the whole day from the blazing hot sun, under my cap and the gross sweat. 😦

Day 32016-04-14-06.44.53-1.jpg.jpg

Top: I cannot remember where I got this from.

Bottom: Dark Denim High Waisted Shorts from Editor’s Market

Footwear: Florida in Black from Birkenstock

Bag: Bangkok

Sunny: Prada

TOP: I like wearing this top to hot humid countries but it can be quite troublesome as it is very flow-y and can be a bit obscene if you are not carefully. Plus, it is actually a long top so if I don’t tuck it properly; the front part of the tee can go down. Yucks!

However, I have this for a long time now so I do know how to handle it. You can tell how much I like this. It is great to wear for a beach outing or vacation too!

BOTTOMS: Of course you cannot leave out the typical high-waisted denim shorts! They are perfect to travel with and perfect for hot humid weathers.


The food is amazing at this cafe! I cannot remember what type of Aglio Olio pasta I ordered but I do know it was really good!


You don’t really see me posting selfies in my Instagram so I shall not waste the good selfie and post it here instead! Haha!! Just an excuse to post a selfie in here! 😛


Tried their Matcha and Charcoal Ice Cream. Was not really fantastic but it was a great way to take away the heat!


See if you would see my tattoo~ Temporary of course. 🙂

Day 4

I always don’t like the last day. It makes me think of where did the past few days have flown to and the sad feeling of going back to work. Argh…..

But! You always know that you had a great trip when you are satisfied of the things you have done during the trip, you have de-stressed, spent great time with your friends and would definitely would want to come back again!


You could clearly see how much fun and how happy I am even though it is the last day.

Top: White Crop Top from Artbox Bangkok

Bottoms: Black High Waisted Long Pants from Bangkok

Footwear: Florida in Black from Birkenstock

Headwear: Black Cap from Bangkok

Sunny: Prada

Don’t judge me but I literally bought this whole outfit besides the accessories and footwear in this trip. Oh come on! I know you do that too~ It is Bangkok we are talking about. You see those brand new clothes staring at you and you just cannot control the urge to wear those brand new clothes! 😛 Hahaha!! 😀

TOP: This cop top was slightly translucent so I had to wear a white bralette top inside it. So don’t mind the white strap there!

This is the only top that I bought from Artbox. It is SUCH a soft and comfortable crop top! I could totally sleep in this! I really wish you could feel how soft the material is! Heaven~~

BOTTOM: I was flying back to Singapore on that day and I need to wear a long pants to keep me warm through out the flight. I tend to feel colder on the flight back to Singapore than flight to Bangkok. Don’t ask me why but yah!

HEADWEAR: Yes, it is the same design as the blue cap on the 2nd Day outfit but in a different colour. I actually bought the blue cap in Singapore as it suit my head and face really well! (ITS SUPER RARE btw) Than I saw they selling it in Chatuchak for SOOOO much cheaper! I was upset and angry. I have learnt my lesson and would not buy anything before my Bangkok trip.

I bought it in 1 other colour beside black which was in light blue colour. They have so many colours there! I bought this for quite a number of people. Suits quite well for most people!

Also, they sell this in Platinum Mall at one of the level. The stall customs the cap to your taste. You could choose your type of cap and sew on the design that you choose which is totally cool! They charge you according to your cap and design. I do remember price being quite reasonable. I did not get it as I like my caps to be simple! 🙂 If you are interested,  I would suggest going to Platinum Mall first and see if you could find the stall if you are interested in this. I do remember being at the corner/side.



^My feet and arm making a cameo saying hi!! You could literally tell the exhaustion in my hands and feet. From all the walking and carrying throughout the trip! ^

Of course I had to take a photo of what I bought during the trip! (Yes, including those wooden boxes and trays!) I did not include the last day shopping as I would not have the space and time for it. Plus~ I would have to put those food and clothes on the floor and on the pillow! Hahaha!! 😀

I don’t usually shop in Singapore besides Chinese New Year period so I do go all out for my overseas trip! That’s why most of my clothes that I wear are usually from overseas and why I am unable to give you the links to them online.

Last Words

I wanted a change of scenery and vibe so I whip this up for you. Hope you like it! Let me know if you like and want more of this kind of post down below! Also, would you like to see posts on where I go to eat when I go overseas? Let me know!!

See you all soon~~~ 😀


PS: For more pictures, go to my instagram @uniquelykek or click on the right side top part of the blog!! 🙂 Love love!!

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