Empties: January to July 2016 Part 1



Today I am back with a new type of post that I would like to put up this year, just for YOU!

I want to start an empty product(s) series every month or so, mainly for 3 reasons:

  1. To inform you whether I would repurchase a particular product or not;
  2. Give you short reviews on each products that was not worth or have not done a full fledge blog post review;
  3. To encourage you and myself to use finish a product before buying another
    • Cause the temptation is REAL!

I am splitting this into 3 parts as there are way too many products to put into a single post. This first post would be on the skincare side, except moisturisers and sunblocks. I will be posting the remaining parts back to back for the next 3 weeks.

Initially I wanted to split them into 2 parts, but then I realised that I left a bunch of products out after throwing away most of the Part 1 products. So some products that are inside this post, are not inside the picture and some products inside the picture are not inside here! Sorry about it!!! The products that are not inside here would be in the 2nd part!

I left this post till July as I do not want to overwhelm you with even more empties in this 3 part saga. There are already many products in this series to begin with!

Also, before you judge, there is a reason why I kept my empties for so long! I always wanted to do an empties blog post but it got stagnant. So I have been procrastinating and keeping the empties for some time already. They have been in the corner till dust is starting to collect on them. Hence, I have finally got my lazy bum going! I wouldn’t want to have a 6 part or more empties review posts at the end of year! OMG!!! Information overload!! Hands numb!!! AH!!!!

Anyway, let’s get started before I keep rumbling and grumbling non-stop!

PS: With the exception of this 3 blog posts, from now on the empties product blog post would come every 1 – 3 months. The empties blog posts/product reviews would be much shorter and summarises more. (Unlike this) If you want to any of these products to have a full blog post review, do leave a comment below!!


Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover All Bright

I would not repurchase it because of 2 simple reasons. It made my eye lashes fall out! You can literally hear my heart break whenever I see an eye lash on my cotton pad. However, I like the fact that the ingredients that they advertise is on the top half of the list and you know most company don’t do that.

Secondly is that you need to pull/tug and leave the cotton pad longer on the eye to remove the eye makeup. It is hard to remove stubborn and waterproof mascara. Like I have to go back quite a few more times to really take out all the makeup.

However, I do remember buying this one, discounted in Thailand, and it was really cheap as compared to other eye make up remover(s). That’s another good point of this product.

Etude House Real Art Cleaning Oil Moisture


(Can you see the dents and shape? I don’t know why the bottle became this way but some how it ‘evolved’ over time! Hahaha!!!)

I bought this due to the fact that the product was in Get it Beauty Blind Test and it did really well. If I remember correctly, it won the blind test! There are 3 types of cleansing oil in this series and this was the type that won the award.

I might repurchase it again if I cannot find another cleansing oil to try. This oil is really moisturising and rich but not in the clotted pores kinda way. It does gently removes the makeup away. However, you would not feel really clean or feel that all the makeup has been remove. That is 1 of the problems I face with this product. I have not try the other 2 types and I might try them if I cannot find another cleansing oil product to try.

Shu Uemura White Recovery EX+ (Purplish Blue bottle)


I think this was my 2nd or 3rd bottle of Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I didn’t stick to a particular type. As you know, Shu Uemura has a lot of different cleansing oil catered to different needs. I wanted to try the different types. I cannot remember what were the other types that I have tried but this one removes makeup really well without striping off your skin. The oil is not heavy and thick like some cleansing oil can do. It does leave your skin moist and does not damage the moisture barrier.

I don’t think they are selling this extract type and formula anymore. I checked the official website and I did not see this. It has been quite some time since I bought it. I kind of bought it on sale and kept it as a backup.

I would be repurchasing it again simple because it does the job of taking off your makeup really well. However, I would only repurchase if only I cannot find any other cleansing oil to try. This is like my backup cleansing oil. If I don’t know what to get, I would get this and I would know that this would do the job well. Not sure about it now since they have change the cleansing oils. Hopefully it is still good! If not, I would have to find another backup cleansing oil! ):


Paula’s Choice Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser

This is true to the name. It is a really hydrating cleanser and it does not dry out your skin at all. There is no tightening or “clean” feeling after using it. This cleanser is more on the creamy side than lotion. I like that there is no fragrance or colouring inside. Sensitive skin user would like this as it does not irritate the skin at all.

I would not repurchase this product as this does not match well with my Clarisonic and it does not remove dirt and makeup as much as I like it. It is stated that you can remove the makeup with this but I felt that it doesn’t really cleans off my makeup or sunblock that well. However, I felt that the cleanser does remove some makeup or sunblock to a certain extend. This product is more for those who have normal, dry or really dry skin people who does not use makeup and use this for 2nd cleanser at night.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

I would repurchase this product if I cannot find any potential new night cleanser to try.  This is my cleanser that I could always trust and count on. So whenever I do not know what to get or some cleanser product broke me out; I would always go back to this. 

This was one of the best 2nd cleanser that I have ever tried. It matches really well with my Clarisonic and does not lather/bubble so much until it gets out of hand.

Urgh…The problem with lathering cleanser with Clarisonic

The cleanser has a light silvery white colour to it with a lotion-creamy texture and consistency. It does remove light makeup (non-waterproof or stubborn) and sunblock. This product is great as a 2nd cleanser when you have makeup on or 1st cleanser when you just have sunblock on.

I usually like to use makeup remover even when I have light makeup on just to be safe and really know my face is clean. I like to use this together with Clarisonic whenever I just have sunblock or light base makeup on. (No eye make up)

One thing that I think people would not like about this cleanser is that it does not remove a full face makeup completely. It does not get rid of all the heavy and thick makeup as there were makeup residues left on my skin. I would not recommend this product if you want an all in one cleanser or as a 1st cleanser. 

I feel that it is great to combine with Clarisonic and for those who only wear sunblocks and just want to keep the routine short and simple, this is recommended.

PS: Love that they don’t have fragrance in them and the ingredient list is short without those common horrible ingredients inside it. pH 6.5!!!! (YES!)

If you want more information, click here! I totally agree to what this review say about this product.

Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

This was my 1st gel cleanser that I have tried and I actually took it from my brother as he doesn’t want it anymore. Being typically me, I don’t like to throw away products when it is not finished as I am the kind that I must truly use finish it before recycling it. I just feel it is so wasteful to just throw it away!

I would not repurchase it has I felt it does not really take away all the dirt and grime off my face. However, it didn’t give me any tightening or “clean” feeling after which its good and it is a good starter cleanser for really young skin.

What I mean by really young skin is when a primary or lower secondary student want to just use a gentle cleanser to wash off the dirt, sweat and pollution (from haze) from their face without putting anything else on their face. Faces that does not have breaks out of acnes due to hormones yet. As it doesn’t strip your natural oil and break the skin barrier.

Pixi Glow Tonic


This was my 1st ever exfoliating/acid toner and I might repurchase it if I cannot find another new exfoliating/acid toner to try. Simply because I have mix feelings about this product. It does what it claims and does not at the same time. For example, it does smoothes and refine my skin texture ever so slightly but at the same time I cannot definitely tell you this product does that. It’s either here nor there kind of product. 

However, I felt this is good for those with sensitive skin and is new to the acid world of products/scared to use acid products. I was using BHA and AHA products before using this. That is why I felt this does not give me much results compare to those products and my skin was used to acids.

PS: This has 5% Glycol Acid in it and a lot of people like this product. So doesn’t mean it does not suit me, it would not suit you.


Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence (Light)

This is the 1st SK-II dupe essence that I bought to try. Even though the dupe is actually the original version. I got this (Light version) instead as there is a higher percentage of the fermented Jeju soybean essence which is the main thing that you are buying this product for. (Original is 91% and Light is 94%)

Side Note: I have tested the original version in store and felt that it is more on the viscosity side than watery; and it is much more moisturising compared to the light version.

I would not repurchase this again. At first it was giving me not bad results and I was initially happy with it. It did hydrate my skin, slightly firm up my face/tone my pores, lightening my pigmentations ever so slightly and brightens up my complexion.

However, the results just stop. It’s as if the product has reach its maximum stage and unable to give any more result. The lightening and brightening stop even when my skin is dull but surprisingly it still tone my pores slightly.

I realise after a while that the essence did hydrate my skin but not so much as I would like it. I would feel slightly dehydrated and irritated on certain areas of my faces despite living in a humid country. (Side Note: I have really dry and sensitive skin) This might be due to the fact that this is for oily and combination skin; and I have dry skin. Another fact is that this is a fermented/1st essences and usually those are not really hydrating compare 2nd essences.

I did thought of trying the original version but this is dupe due to the fermented ingredient. If this version has high percentage of fermentation but does not work for me; I would not want to waste money and buy it again.

However, if I were to buy the original version; it would be to try the hydrating properties and not really for the fermented ingredients.

Missha First Treatment Essence Intensive? 30ml

As you can see from the question mark, I cant remember whether this product is actually the intensive or old version. The bottle doesn’t have the intensive word on it but I bought it from Missha official website beginning of this year which is when Missha have already change their formula for about a year(If I remember correctly). So Missha cannot be selling their old version. That is why I am very confuse about this. I am just going to treat this as intensive version for review and my initial thoughts sake.

Anyway, I also bought this product as a SK-II dupe essence like the Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence. I didn’t bought the full version as there were a lot of reviews saying that the intensive(Updated version) was not as great as the original formula. I didn’t want to spend a sum of money to buy a full bottle which I would not like if it is possible and force myself to finish the product. Also, this product was selling in a set with the Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule. I wanted to try both these products out. Thus, the sample bottle.

Side Note: I also had a lot of essence product at that time that I needed to finish. Thus, a lot of empties essence products.

Also, I didn’t want to get the old version as I didn’t want to fall in love with a product that I know I will have problems getting it in the future.

I did remember feeling that it did not do much for me to actually want to buy a full bottle. It did hydrate my skin better than the innisfree soybean energy essence. The essence does tone my pores and improve my skin texture slightly.

However, it didn’t brighten up my complexion, make my skin tone clearer nor improvement in skin elasticity. I might repurchase/buy the full bottle next time to really give this product a good test but the chances is not high to be honest. I am not going to buy a product because most people find it works really well for them.

Goodal Luminant Plus Whitening Essence

I bought this together with the Phytowash Cleanser and Skin Mist which I did 2 separate blog review on them. If you want a see how they did, click down below.


Goodal Phytowash Yerba Mate Bubbling Peeling

Processed with VSCO

Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Skin Mist

To be frank with you, I cannot remember the effects and result it gave me as its been quite some time. I used this finish before I started using the Phyto cleanser and skin mist.

I don’t remember it doing much on my face as I used this quite fast. It was only 30ml and if I remember correctly; I had to use 2 pumps for both morning and night. Before I knew it, I have used this finish without realising it.

Even though this did not anything amazing or great for my skin of me to remember it, I might repurchase it again due to the ingredients list. It has an amazing ingredient list. There is like caprylic/capric triglyceride and niacinamide in the top 1/4 of the list; and the licorice root extract in the top half of the list! Those are just the few main key ingredients in this product. Plus, there are a lot of plant extracts, oils and even soluble collagen(hydrating purpose since collagen cannot externally enter into your skin) in it that are good for your face.

Full ingredient list: Click Here

cosDNA.com analysis: Click Here

I want you to take note is that the packaging is another problem. You know those pump bottles that has this “floor” inside that go up when you pump to bring the product towards the top to allow it to come out of the bottle. The idea is great but its hard to take out the reminder product inside when the “floor” has reach its maximum and nothing comes out of the opening. I have to use a Q tip to dip it in to take out the reminder. Plus, there are quite a lot of reminder that I cannot even use a Q tip to take it out. That’s 1 thing that I would not forgot.

I said ‘might repurchase it again’ as it is expensive for a 30ml bottle. (S$52.90 from Guardian) If it is in a bigger volume or sell at a cheaper price; I would repurchase it again.


Camocare Organics Eye Lifting Cream

This is 1 of the those impulse purchases and I regret buying this as it was really expensive. I would not repurchase it again as it did absorbing nothing for me. It did not do anything that it claims to do including the intensive moisturising part. It moisturise my eye area but I can get that same result with much cheaper eye cream.

The good thing about this is that it is made with Certified Organic Ingredients, it is Vegetarian Friendly and Cruelty Free. Also, it is pH 5 which is great for the skin.

it took 1-2 years to finish this 15ml/ 0.5 FL OZ but at least that is over now! Phew!

I would never repurchase it again.

Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder

This is actually my 2nd bottle that I have used finish. This product has to mix with another product to be able to use it. So I am just going to say what effect I saw from it even after mixing it with different products.

This works really well for me. This does really lighten pigmentation and acne scars; brighten up complexion and all the effects that Vitamin C said it will do.

However, I do warn you it does make ‘bite’ your skin and it takes some time to find the right proportion. The right proportion also depends on what product you are mixing this with. It is recommended that you mix this with a more liquidity product but I don’t feel it is necessary. It works fine with my cream moisturiser.

On the other hand, it makes certain moisturiser or lotion much more liquidity. For this, I am not quite sure why this happen. I just guess that the chemical reaction between the 2 cause the formulation and texture of the moisturiser to change. I am not sure whether is this a good or bad thing but it still works for me.

Another thing you want to take note is that this oxides really quickly even if you store it well. Once it oxides, the vitamin C will lose its effectiveness. Due to that, I usually have to quickly use it as fast as I can without over doing it. Thus, I need to buy another new bottle before I realise it. That’s 1 bad point about it.

I sometimes like to use this on my body to lighten my scars or even out my skin tone. However, it does not really effect old or ‘pop’ up scars.

I would repurchase this again if I am still unable to find another Vitamin C product to try. However, I am on my last legs on my current bottle and I finally manage to find a new vitamin c product to try! YAH!!! Like finally!


Misha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule 10ml

I would and have repurchase this in the bigger size bottle. I bought this together as a sample set with the Missha First Treatment Essence to see whether I should get the bigger version. I got an additional 10ml bottle together with the set. So I can only give you a review on what I got from those 20ml that I have used.

This improve my skin texture, slightly even out my skin tone, calms my skin down, soften the skin slightly and brightens up my skin. Do I need to say anything more?

One thing that you might want to take note is the stickiness. The stickiness only comes after you apply it onto your skin. Especially when you start patting it into your skin. However, it does go away after you put moisturiser over it.

A lot of people compare this to the Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum that is more expensive and felt this was better or felt it was a cheaper alternative. So if you like the Estee Lauder serum, you might want to give this a go!

If you want a full fledge review post on this, let me know!

PS: pH 4.5-5 and there is vitamin A in this. So please don’t mix it with vitamin c or acid products.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml/ 1.0 fl oz

If you have been with me for a while now, you know I love this product and that I would repurchase this. I did not just repurchase it, I have bought it in the biggest bottle that they have. The 50ml/ 1.7 fl oz bottle!

At first, I did not like this product. It was irritating my skin and making it itch in those drier sensitive areas. I cannot put this on my neck at all! It will react badly to it and I would have to wash it off. Plus, I was not fond of the ingredient list too.

However, being typically me I would try to find different methods to apply and find out why this without making my skin irritated or itch. I know most people would disagree with me but I really didn’t want to waste the product and I really don’t want to say that I didn’t give it a full chance.

After a few weeks, I found how to make it not make my skin irritated or itch! If I don’t really hydrate my skin properly or calm my skin down after my acid treatments before I apply this; it will start to irritate and make my skin itch.

It still does make my skin itch once in a while but once I apply the Guerisson 9-complex moisturiser over it; the itchiness will go away. (Will be talking about this moisturiser later in this post)

It was only after a while that I realise the effects and results that it was giving me. It makes my skin smoother, brighten up the complexion, slightly lighten dark spots, even out skin tone and make the skin slightly softer. It gets absorb into my skin in a slightly faster pace compare to other oils I have tried. It is the results and effect that make me repurchase it again despite the potential skin irritation.

This is also great for people with oily skin as it tricks your skin that you have a lot of moisture and oil on your skin that it does not need to produce anymore sebum. There are jojoba and evening primrose oil in this that is suitable for oily skin too.

Sensitive skin people might be careful as there is jasmine extract, lavender oil and turmeric extract in this. So if you are sensitive and react badly to these ingredients; you want to be more cautious about this product.

I might be doing a more detail review on this product on a separate blog post so you could let you know whether this product is suitable for you.

Renew Rose Hip Oil


I cannot remember if this came in a set with the cleanser or moisturiser. I like to use this in synergy with products that has any sort of vitamin A in it. I felt that it works well together and gave a slightly better result overall.

I cannot really say the effects of Rose Hip Oil immediately as natural 100% oils does not show its effect unless you use for a long time. Since the molecules is unable to penetrate into the skin as much as formulated facial oils that make the molecules small enough to penetrate into the skin better. I tend to use this as an occlusive oil to lock all the goodness from leaving the skin. I would repurchase rose hip oil again but just not particularly to this brand.

That is the last of it! Phew! That was a lot of reviews and products! Part 2 will be coming up shortly. It will focus mainly on moisturisers! And Yes! I have used a lot of moisturisers to have an empties post all about it. So look out for it!

Have a great day lovelies!




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