Outfits of the Month: March & April

Welcome back to the another Outfits of the Month post!

If you are new to this series, welcome and do not be a stranger!! You are always welcome here! (:

So mainly the series are outfit photos that I wore that month! As simple as that!

If you have not read or look at my previous Outfits of the Month posts, here are the links! Just click the photos!






Or you can go to the Outfits of the Month tag to see them!

If you have not realized, I didn’t do a post for the month of March. I did not have a lot of outfits for you to be put into a post. So for this post, you have 2 months worth of outfits for you to see and get inspired from! Hopefully… Hahaha!!

My outfits are not that crazy as those fashionistas if you are new to this series. Just simple outfits that an average girl wears when she goes out.

Sorry that I post this late! The May post would be on time and will be posting next week! I was busy doing the review series of The Ordinary products. If you have not read that yet, click here.

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Let’s get started, shall we?

Go Go GO!!!

Outfit 1: Oversized Guy Tee

I want to keep the main focus on the oversized man shirt. Yes, it’s a guy shirt and I love them!! They are just so comfortable, affordable and look chic at the same time! Ladies oversize tee are just so expensive and not as comfortable.

Yes, it’s a guy shirt and I love them!! They are just so comfortable, affordable and look chic at the same time! Ladies oversize tee are just so expensive and not as comfortable.

They are just so comfortable, affordable and look chic at the same time! Ladies oversize tee are just so expensive and not as comfortable.

This is great for buffet and overseas shopping trips. You would not need to fuss and be worried about how you look.

Especially after a meal! 😛

Overseas Man Tee: Timberland

Shorts: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Slip on: Birkenstock

Bag: Bangkok, Thailand

Watch: Casio

Sunnies: Prada


Outfit 2: Street Blues

This was and my current favorite outfit for the past 2 months!

The dress is conservative but subtly sexy at the same time with that side slit. Despite the knee length

Despite the length going past my knee.

Cap: Adidas

Sling Bag: Kate Spade

Watch: Casio

Ring: Pandora

Dress: The Editors Market

Footwear: Superga


Outfit 3: Longing for Long

I just felt like wearing everything long. So that’s what I wore!

Long sleeves top, jeans, and sling bag.

Top: Bershaka

Jeans: Calvin Klein

Bag: Kate Shade

Watch: Solvil et Titus

Ring: Pandora

I went to the light festival which is outdoor and crowded. -.-

Totally regret it but was thankful when the aircon was blasting full on.



Outfit 4: Simple Back Detail

I have shown this outfit before in the Outfit of the Month: February post.

Even thought the back detail is nothing fanciful but I wanted to show you.

I just like the simple back detail that pulls the outfit together and brings it up a notch.

Wore this quite a few times in March and thats why dont have much outfits to show you! Hahaha!! 😛

Top: The Editors Market

Earrings and Rings: Hong Kong and New Zealand

Bag: Kate Shade

(You can clearly tell how much I am loving this bag)

Sunnies: Prada

(My go-to sunnies :D)

Bottom: Pull & Bear

Slip on: Birkenstock

I think you are sick of seeing me wear Birkenstock but I really love and wear them almost every single day!


Outfit 5: Casual Date

I wore this on 1 of my dates with my boyfriend.

This outfit is something you can casual put on without thinking so much into it. That you can dress up or down depending on where you are going.

Recently, I am loving this kind of dresses. They are just so comfortable and put together. Most importantly, looks chic and good on me!

Dress: Forever 21

Bag: Fossil

Choker: Bangkok, Thailand

Earring: Hong Kong

Ring: Pandora

Watch: Solvil et Titus

Sunnies: Prada

Footwear: Superga

I thought you might want to know what I wore for my footwear. Since I didn’t manage to take a photo with my footwear in it.

You can clearly see how much I love food.

2 people. 4 Dishes and 2 Soup


The food was really good and delicious! 😀

Happy Girl!!!

Should I start doing food post? Hmm….

But that’s a lot of waiting, food will turn cold and it wouldn’t taste as nice. So nope! hahaha!!!! 😛

Food is way more important than that. Once in a while is fine but not all the time. Nope! Definitely not!

Thank you for reading and looking at my horrible modeling!

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See you!!


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