2015 Beauty Favorites: Body and Hair


Hey Girlfriends~

Welcome to the 3rd part of the 2015 Beauty Favorites! Where I will review and explain on the favorite body and hair products that I would buy again. There are not much body and hair products that I really like in 2015. Hopefully this year there will be more products that I would come to really like.

If you want to read the 1st part, click here.

If you want to read the 2nd part,click here.

Read on for more if you want know what are my 2015 body and hair favorites!

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2015 Christmas Series: Getting Ready for Christmas Party or Event


Since this is the last blog post for the Christmas Series, I wanted to post it on Christmas day itself! For this last part of this series, I will talking on how I prepare my skin before a Christmas party or event!

Want to know how to prep your skin for Christmas party or simply any big event? Read on for more!

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2015 Christmas Series: Simple Christmas Festival Glitter Nails


December is my favorite month of the year because it is Christmas time!!! I really love Christmas!! πŸ˜€ So to show my love to Christmas this year, I am doing a Christmas theme post every week from this week till Christmas Week! Thus, there would be 3 post in total for this series.

Like what the title says` this post would be on nails. I have been wearing this nail design as my Pre-Christmas nails specially when it is December where I can go full-out on glitter! For the nail design, I did not want to be typically red and green. It get a bit boring and common as everybody is doing the same thing. Not only that, I want it to be affordable that you would not need to buy new nail polish and you could wear it not only Christmas but other days. However, I wanted it to be glittery as what is Christmas without some glitter. This is also great for those who are new in doing nail designs. It is super simple.Β If you want to know how I create this nail design, read on for more!

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DIYs: Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Hey Hey Hey!!

Welcome back!! Like what I have promise earlier in my previous blog post. I would upload a 2nd post this week and here it is!! This post would be slightly different compare to what you have previous read before. I have tried my very best to simplified and make it easy to understand. I would not be soo talkative and draggy like you see in my previous posts. Hahaha!! πŸ˜€ Anyway….. Lets get started!!

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Skin Care Routine Series 2015: Anti-Acne (Part 4)

Hey Hey!!

Welcome back to another part of Lydia’s (really really long) skin care routine series! Hahaha!! πŸ˜€ I am honesty glad that you are back for more! Sorry for not posting last week! Some technical problems came up and could not upload in time. So I decided to post it next week. We have a lot to go through so let’s get started with this topic!

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