Empties: January to July 2016 Part 3 (Final)

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I am back with the last and final part! This post would have much lesser products compare to the 1st part but slightly more compare to part 2!

Part 1 is about skin care products besides moisturiser and sunblock!
If you have not seen it, click here!

Part 2 is all about moisturisers and sunblock!
If you have not seen it, click here!

Unlike the previous posts, this posts you would be seeing

  • Makeup
  • Hair and Body products
  • Facial Mists – I added it in here instead of part 1 or 2 as there were too many products

Simply, the rest of empties products! Let’s jump straight into it!

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2015 Beauty Favorites: Nails


Hey Girlfriends~

This is the 4th and last part of this series! Yah!! We are finally done! (ノ◕)*:・゚✧

I initial planned for a 3 parts series but then I realize that there were too many products! Thus, the 4 part of this series that you are reading now!

Sneaky Peak into my Life: I am someone who cannot live with nail polish on my nails and it is not because I am obsessed over it or love it death. I have a good reason behind it. It is to prevent me from biting my nails. Yes, biting my nails.

I have been having this habit since childhood. I cannot remember when this started but as long as I can remember, I have been having this bad habit.

I have managed to find different ways to ‘cure’ myself of this bad habit and painting my nails is one of them. If you see my current nail condition now, you would have not thought that I have once had this bad habit. I would be posting up a blog post on how to get rid of this bad habit. I did not have any help on how to get rid of this habit except “Stop biting your nails Miss Lydia Kek!” Hahaha!! So hope that post would help some of you!

If you want to read the 1st part, click here.

If you want to read the 2nd part,click here.

If you want to read the 3rd part, click here.

Read on for more if you want to know what are my 2015 Nail Favorites!

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2015 Beauty Favorites: Make-up

Hey Girlfriends~


I hope you are having a good Chinese New Year and eating loads of good food!! And of course growing fatter and not caring about it until after it is all over! After when it is all over, that’s when you start to regret it. I do not know about you but that happens to me all the time! Hahaha!!! 😀


Sneaky peak into my life: Sorry about the late posts! I am still having technical difficulties uploading posts. I thought I have solved it but apparently not. Whenever I upload any posts, the internet crashes on me and then my computer starts to hangs. Please bear with me for a while until I get a new computer or completely fix this! I got so many posts for you all but it is not working out for me! 😦  *Crying that I broke my 2016 blog goals!* I failed in getting this 2015 Beauty Favorites series up and the Chinese New Year theme make-up and nails look up before CNY . ): Do not worry, I will still upload them later and you will have more post to read! 😀


Last year I did not buy or use a lot of make-up due to my job. On a daily basis, I usually do not put make-up unless I am going out that day with my friends or have other things on. I really miss putting on make-up and getting all doll up! So whenever I can put make-up, I get super happy and enjoy every single moment of it! Every single time I put it on, I would try something on and play around with it. Some of you might be thinking I am crazy for thinking this way but I also would never thought that I would feel this way when I was wearing make-up every day. I wanted to get make-up done and over with in the morning. Hahaha!! Oh, how time flies and changes… I am making myself feel old suddenly. Hahaha!! 😀

If you want to know what are my make-up favorites for 2015, read on for more!

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